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Oh My Goddess

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Tonya Leedy
CEO of Domestic Goddess, Oregon USA

“Sierra helped me to regain my power and learn to stand in my truth. She is the most extraordinary woman I have ever met. I am finally on the journey I have been meant to take all my life.”

Katherine Brandon
Boeing Co., Software Engineer, Washington USA

“I had one last meeting with my therapist and thanked her for her efforts and told her I no longer need her thanks to Sierra Bender and her 4 Body Fit Method.  She exclaimed, “Who is this Sierra ?!” A force to be reckoned with who empowers all who are fortunate enough to work with…
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“I had an amazing experience. I’ve already told my girlfriends that they must do this. And already Boot Camp for Goddesses is helping my marriage more than all the self-help books and couples’ workshops we have done! So, thank you. What you have created is truly unique and special and so rich with gifts.”

Jane Frazier
Recovering addict

“Boot Camp helped me so much more then rehab. I came to you after 30 days in recovery, filled with so much despair, you gave me hope, strength and light and shared with me the most incredible experience I have ever had. The 4 Body Fit™ Method gave me the tools to heal myself. I…

Dawnielle Balli
Marketing, Chicago, Illinois USA

“I left Rheumatoid Arthritis at Boot Camp. “ It was miracle the Rheumatoid Arthritis was gone. I claimed my healing and will continue to use all the  4 Body Fit™ Method tools to stay this way. I feel amazing, so empowered and beautiful!!”

Reyna Sharp
CrimsonBridge Foundation, Washington DC, USA

“I Am So In LOVE With ME! .” Thank you for empowering me, as you have so many women.”

Shelley McNaughton
President, McNaughton Interior Design Associates, Inc., New York

Upon my arrival home, my boyfriend with so much love and respect greeted me, not that he doesn’t always treat me well, (we have a great relationship). However, he noticed this overall clarity about me, we are very much in-tune with each other and this workshop just made my life even better. I applaud you!

Linda Wilson
Teacher, Edmonton Alberta, Canada

“I met a new guy, he actually called me a Goddess … without me telling him anything about that part of my life. It was proof that I am carrying myself with the principles Sierra taught me—the essence of what it means to be a woman. A GODDESS!  

United States Army
Robin Tefft, USA, Retired Army General

“Sierra is one of the best leaders I’ve ever worked with. She leads with such compassion, yet she knows exactly what she will and will not accept.” She taught us the secrets to lead with passion, power and purpose.”

Denise Jenks
Midwive, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, New York USA

“ Best program I ever did. It awakened things in me that were dormant, feelings that I did not think existed for me. After two failed marriages, I am on the right path to establishing a loving relationship first with myself. I was not a failure; I just didn’t know what power I could have.”

Rose Giroso
Rose Interiors Authentica Inc. Dewey Beach, Delaware USA

“Sierra speaks in a language that woman can hear and need to hear. I needed reminders of where I give my power away and how to get it back and sustain it. It has helped me personally and professionally set boundaries.”

Andrea Milok

“I had an amazing experience. It is helping my marriage more than all the self-help books and couples’ workshops we have done! So, thank you. What you have created is truly unique and special and so rich with gifts.”

Linghong Li
President at Lino International Inc. New York City, New York USA

“My life changed. I went back to my international business and demanded a raise.

Jo Tichkowsky
Self Employed, Saskatchewan, Canada

” My husband told his brothers that my weekend with Sierra and the other Goddesses Really Worked! He loves that I’ve become softer, more touchy, vulnerable and accepting of his love. ”    

Angiemille Latorre
Founder of Seriously Creative Inc., Puerto Rico

“The boot camp was a priceless encounter with the soul I used to know, learning to love it again and committed to change that I had become. I feel younger, calmer, more loving… Have to say I feel more in control by loosing control. Thank you for such an incredible journey and the sisters. Can’t…

Olivia and Amanda Stevos
Mother & Daughter, Athens, Greece

“Sierra is an incredible leader and healer. It took only 3 hours for Sierra to transform my mother from a broken warhorse to the powerful, vibrant, life-loving woman that I know my mother to be. To transform the relationship my mother has with me from co-dependent to grounded, loving and strong.”

Michelle Jefferys

“Thank you Sierra for shining your brilliance and for reflecting mine when I couldn’t see it! Love you.”

Marie Dubois
Artist, Montreal Quebec, Canada

Brought Me Back to Life! This training UNLEASHED my forgotten truths and buried powers. Something has shifted at a deep level. You have helped me begin to take back what is mine that was hidden and taken from me long ago.”

Beverly Keel
Chair & Professor at Middle Tennessee State University, Correspondent at People Magazine, Nashville, Tennessee USA

“The boot camp is all about what’s right with you, not what’s wrong with you. Quite simply, it was an oasis of calm and restoration in an otherwise crazy and draining world.”

Jo Tichkowsky
Sales, Canada

“I’ve slipped back to my old ways a couple of times but know that I don’t want to be there thanks to the 4 Body Fit™ Method. I can now measure my empowerment and success and hold my self accountable. I have finally learned self-love.”

Roslyn Francois
Project Manager HTS Inc., California USA

 As I reflect on what was different about this experience versus the other seminars I’d attended, several thoughts come to mind…transformative – to the core – at a cellular level, it nourished my “authentic” me.  The other seminars were geared to make me “fit” into the corporate world.

Tracie Hamilton
Mother of 2 Boys, Wife of Scott Hamilton Olympic Skater

She helped me find that place of surrender and the healing power within me. For the first time, I felt safe enough to let go.”

A woman with long hair and white teeth smiling.
Lori Teragawachi
Certified Master Facilitator for FranklinCovey programs Maui, Hawaii

“Boot Camp for Goddesses® – A beautiful gift to give to myself.
Lessons I have learned and relearned while at Boot Camp for Goddesses® Level 1: the Awakening
Goddesses are:
Aware of their emotions and know how to let them go. Balanced with their warrior and feminine side. Caring and compassionate to others and also to themselves. Dreamers and don’t settle for the good, but always go for the greatness. Enduring and willing to do the hard work it takes to ride the wave.
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Jo Tichkowsky

Exactly what my life needed. Aho! Sierra for being an inspiring Goddess that says it like it is!!! I love standing in my power by acknowledging that I can still be feminine and soft and vulnerable.”

Karen MacGeorge
Karen Mc George LLC, Homopath, Life Coach, Shamanic Reike Practitioner Everett, Washington USA

“She is fierce as a lioness, brave as a warrior, loving as a mother, a true 21st Century Goddess Warrior. Now is the time for us ALL to stand up in our true Goddess Warrior selves! Let Sierra show you the way.”

A woman with long hair smiling for the camera.
Lauren Bender
Sierra's sister

“Once upon a time” is how I believed my life would begin. Why not? That’s what I read about and watched movies as a young girl. The handsome prince would save the beautiful girl and they would live happily ever after. The reality is, no one will save you from yourself but you.”
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Julie Sullivan
Nurse Management, Boston, MA

“There isn’t a women in America that wouldn’t benefit from your workshops and learning your approach on empowering themselves and those around them.”

Cindy Humpartzian
Admin University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

“Boot Camp was the best thing I have ever done for myself.  It has given me the tools to find peace with abuse, divorce, work bully and most recently this horrendous journey with cancer. The 4 Body Fit ™Sierra Bender Empowerment Method works!”

Yvon Xantos
Uniquely Yours Boutique, St. Petersburg, Florida USA

“I feel amazing, emotionally confident, spiritually connected, mentally focused, fearless, fierce and sexy how every woman should feel. I still can’t believe I broke the board with my bare feet …amazing how strong you can be from within.”  

Employee, Kripalu Center

“The inspiration and transformation literally changed my life. Women left transformed. If you can ever get to one of her workshops – get there.” ~ Ginny, Employee Kripalu Center  

Denise Jenks
Midwive, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, New York USA

“I can see myself accomplishing anything I want” attitude. Letting go and letting happen wasn’t easy for me, but is getting easier all the time. I feel a life-transformation slowly taking place. Thanks for giving me the strength to look for the life I was meant to live.”

Karen Yaeger

“I spent many years not living an authentic life, and after a breast cancer diagnosis in 2006 I began a new path to wellness and spirituality thanks to Boot Camp. It put me back in touch with my body and breath, myself, and my truth. I will never forget it.”

Manager Oil Company, Alberta, Canada

“Amazing and exciting workshop, you’ve changed my daughters and me forever. Your Goddess movement is already spreading in my family. My granddaughters were full of questions and the first thing I shared was the story you told about the Goddess and the princess. The little girls can’t wait to meet you and my daughters can’t…
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Joyce L. Martin
Coordinator of Intermediate Spanish, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania USA

“For the first time in 39 years I am going to bed and sleeping without the aid of anything external. It is the greatest gift I could have ever been given. The 4 Body Fit™ Method works!”

A woman with long hair smiling for the camera.
Lauren Bender My Beautiful Sister
Hospice Nurse, RN, Ridgewood, NJ USA

“Claim yourself and your space” that was her voice echoing and repeating to me at my time of feeling unsure or insecure. Be fierce yet gentle. My sister has taught me how to embody my power personally and professionally as a single Mom and Nurse. ”

Sherry Ruskowsky
Manager Trucking Company Goddess Hostess, Alberta, Canada

“I have hosted 5 Goddess events, after Sierra’s 1st Goddess to the Core® Workshop, I had all 100 Women Hug Me Crying on the last day, thanking me for bringing Sierra and for giving them their LIVES BACK. Every workshop after that, kept getting stronger, and the women could not believe the strength they had…
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Mary Elizabeth Cawfield
RN ACE RYT, BodyMind HealthWorks Inc., Medical Exercise Specialist, Ontario, Canada

“My heart opened, as did my femininity to receiving all the love my husband has to offer that I was pushing away.”

Lori Fiorovich
Owner Crystal Bay Farm, Organic Farmer La Selva Beach, California USA

“You are an excellent instructor, dynamic, feminine,
 not too tough but not a pushover – in effect you are 
the embodiment of all that you were teaching us (as if
 you didn’t already know that). I think so many women 
go too far when they try to be tough or assert 
themselves. By being attractive…

Claire Aistine
Principal Montreal Lake Cree Nation, Saskatchewan Canada

“I always settled for the safe way. After your workshop I claimed my space and Unleashed My Inner Goddess. Goddess Up!”

Jamary Torres
Psychologist, Puerto Rico

“I learned how to reinvent myself, how to accept my divine gifts, how to develop my intuition, how to heal myself, to restore my core, to awaken and ignite my inner strength… my feminine essence. This was a journey that I will never forget.”

A woman with white hair and a black bandana on her head.
Loretta Koenig

“WOW! I broke my board, the weight was lifted like a ton of bricks off my heart. Sierra YOU ARE AMAZING!  With one workshop and your beautiful, pure loving  guidance, I was able to finally release that huge lump in my lower back and throat my body held. The hurtful secrets of my life.

Marie Coluccio
Personal Trainer & Health Coach, Brooklyn, NY

Not only did I gain closure and acceptance of my grief you showed me how to turn my pain into power through love, tough love to heal me and the world.

Francesca Simonelli
Mission Awaken LLC, Spiritual Guide & Yoga Teacher Fort Myers, Florida USA

“I Am Free! The buried portions of my self have been reawakened. This workshop was truly uplifting, invigorating, enlightening and informative. You definitely helped create the space in me in one day, that has been struggling in the darkness to be freed up for years.”

Camille Splain
Model & Business Woman Puerto Rico, USA

I had lost my job, home, car, all my money, boyfriend and self-esteem. In just one weekend  I went from being a total wreck to being at peace and willing to do my work. I am a Goddess rebirthed!

Sherry Timmons
Nurse, New Jersey, USA

“Good news! My husband and I are working things out. It is so beautiful! My Goddess practices truly helped me get through the last 5 months with poise, grace & courage.”

Christine Anastos
Civil Engineer Environmental Services

It was a true testament to our strength as fearless females and Goddess Warriors. If you need to reconnect with your inner self, find the strength to make an important decision in your life and/or delve even deeper into your core and feminine essence, I highly recommend this transformative workshop. Aho!

Lisa Brown
Makeup Artist, New York, USA

This Goddess Claimed Her Domain! Thank you so much for giving me a piece to my puzzle and helping my marriage be even better!

Mary Patricia Powers
General, US Navy, USA

“Working in a very male dominating field, I forgot to respect my feminine self. I learned so much more than I expected.  I didn’t need therapy or xanax. I simply needed a way to replenish and nurture myself.  And the 4 Body Fit™ Boot Camp showed me how to do that.”


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