GODDESS UP! Coaching

 Get Into 4 Body Fit™ Alignment

I will help you get to the core of your” Issues in the Tissues™” and create a LOVE INTO ACTION plan to move forward to heal, focus and create.

90 Minute Sessions

Get to the Core – Pin Point the Obstacles. 4 Body Fit™ Assessment to measure the  strengthens and weaknesses of your 4 bodies.

Spiritual Body – Love & Co-Dependency – Identify your fear and conditioning. When and why did you disconnect from your authentic and true self?

Mental Body – “Itty Bitty Shitty Committee”™ – Breaking down your beliefs. Are they working for you or sabotaging you?

Emotional Body – “Ain’t My Shit” Be Victorious and Courageous not Victimized nor Compromised.™” Pain into Power. Understand your pattens of pain, emotional reactions and karmic lessons. Set boundaries. Learn the power of surrendering. “Surrendering is not giving up; it’s letting go”.

Physical Body – “Issues in Your Tissues”™ Healing down to your DNA. Core issues of your stress and pain. Generational and present. Finding the pain and karma. Where is it taking up space in your body. Why do you repeat conditional patterns and how to break free forever.


The questions you must ask yourself is how much do you want to heal? How deep are you willing to go? And what is it worth?

Worth Every Penny

I had gone to traditional counseling and did not have near the results that I do with Sierra

I have been working with Sierra one on one, on line empowerment coaching and spiritual counseling and have catapulted my own healing beyond my greatest expectations with only a few sessions.

I sleep better than I have in years, I’ve released so many beliefs that do not serve me. I’ve learned to love myself and have better relationships with others and feel comfortable in my own skin and I no longer play the victim of my life. What I love the most about working with Sierra is that she has done the work herself and is so open to share and bring us to the next levels.

~ Cathy Morrison, Accountant, Alberta, Canada


Stay In Alignment

Once you are  4 Body Fit™ Aligned you must continue the work to stay there. Other options to hold you accountable to Live EMPOWERED personally and professionally.


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