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Love into Action


It is not easy being a Goddess Warrior with the demands of life as a mother, partner, boss and professional. Daily pressures pull on our energy and push us out of our center and alignment. To hold the sacred and beautiful space of our femininity with the focus and fierceness of our drive and divinity is always a balancing act. However, this balance is SELF LOVE, the most powerful tool of an empowered woman.


 Get Into 4 Body Fit™ Alignment

I  will help you get to the core of your” Issues in the Tissues™” and create a LOVE INTO ACTION plan to move forward to heal, focus and create.

Get to the Core – Pin Point the Obstacles. 4 Body Fit™ Assessment to measure the  strengthens and weaknesses of your 4 bodies.

Spiritual Body – Love & Co-Dependency – Identify your fear and conditioning. When and why did you disconnect from your authentic and true self?

Mental Body – “Itty Bitty Shitty Committee”™ – Breaking down your beliefs. Are they working for you or sabotaging you?

Emotional Body – “Victorious and Courageous not Victimized or Compromised.™” Pain into Power. Understand your pattens of pain, emotional reactions and karmic lessons. Learn the power of surrendering. “Surrendering is not giving up; it’s letting go”. Create a plan to move forward to be free.

Physical Body – “Issues in Your Tissues”™ Healing down to your DNA. Core issues of your stress and pain. Generational and present. Finding the pain and karma. Where is it taking up space in your body. Why do you repeat conditional patterns and how to break free forever.


The questions you must ask yourself is how much do you want to heal? How deep are you willing to go? And what is it worth?

As many clients and therapists validate the power of her work.

“It Is Worth 20 Years Of Therapy”. ~ Dr. Debbie Norris PHD American University

Stay In Alignment

Once you are  4 Body Fit™ Aligned you must continue the work to stay there. Other options to hold you accountable to Live EMPOWERED personally and professionally.

Now That’s What I Call Empowerment

“I have taken Sierra’s workshops and trainings and I have assisted her. I am always amazed at the way she is able to connect with each individual participant in a way that results in insights that would ordinarily take months if not years of psychotherapy to reach. And not only that, but teaches them how to release and heal pain from pent up emotions that have kept them “stuck” in unhealthy/unhappy situations/relationships AND THEN teaches them skills needed to move forward. Oh yeah, and she can do it all in a one day workshop! Now THAT is what I call empowerment! ” 

Brenda Stewart,  Pediatric Nurse Practitioner St. Johnsbury Pediatrics

The 4 Body Fit™ Method has Empowered and Transformed Millions of Females Worldwide for Over 30 Years.

Spiritual Body • Mental Body • Emotional Body • Physical Body

Clinically proven by American University, DC and utilized by Harvard. Learn More




Learn the Method. Teach the Method.

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