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Sierra’s 4 Body Fit™ Method has Empowered and Transformed Millions of Females Worldwide for Over 30 Years.

Sierra’s message and mission have been featured around the globe, from the United States to Canada, Australia, Germany, Russia, Romania, UK, Mexico, and South America. She is at the forefront of the international stage in leadership training, coaching, personal wellness, empowerment, and entrepreneurial innovation. Sierra has been on the international speaking circuit since 1996, is a best-selling author, and has had comparable success in fitness and coaching industries.

 All speak to the universal, necessary appeal of her work.

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Feminine. Fierce. Focused


Whole Living Martha Stewart

As I drove up the winding, wooded parkway toward the Omega Institute, New York, I wondered what a course called “Boot Camp for Goddesses” would entail.”



She returned home from an intense week retreat Boot Camp for Goddesses® feeling fit, self- assured enough to fulfill her dream of founding her own legal research firm.



In search of her feminine essence she discovers the divinity inside. It comes as no surprise relationship changes, house and job moves often happen after boot camp.


Marie Claire Australia

Boot Camp Style. Pioneered by Sierra Bender, an American teacher, this boot camp promises to “empower you to reclaim, restore and rejoice in your worth and right to be”.

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Enchantment Island features spaces of high holistic level that nurture the body and the soul. Sierra Bender, Kate Garrity, Camille Carrión and Josette Pagán reveal their location.


Natural Awakenings NYC

I exercised every day and worked as a professional trainer,” she recalls, “but I was so out of my body that I didn’t even know that my uterus had ruptured [from an ectopic pregnancy outside the womb].



11 active ways to tone your body, mind, and soul…and maintain your optimal weight. The word “matter,” meaning “material of thought, speech, or expression,” actually comes from the word “mother.”



Sierra’s  journey to uncover the core of her feminine power yielded the teachings of the Sierra Bender Empowerment Method®, which empowered thousands of women and girls worldwide.


Natural Awakenings Puerto Rico

Temprano en sus treinta anos, Sierra Bender era una entrenadora perosnl que se sentia y lucia buena forma fisica. Entonces, undia su cuerpo dio un giro insospechado. Inicialmente, Bender penso que…

Whole Living

Whole Living Martha Stewart

A Call to Arms. “Yoga teaches that our arms are an energetic extension of the heart, giving and receiving not only physical energy but also love,” says Sierra Bender. And while strength breeds confidence…

Fit Yoga


Embrace Your Goddess Self. Take a journey embodying the Goddess through sweat, ceremony and sisterhood. It was not my usual preparation for an evening out: searching through my suitcase for the necessary…


Healing Lifestyle

Dressed in combat fatigues, with a set of killer abs and a mane of wild brown hair, she was striking a pose beneath a waterfall. But there was something about her warrior nature….



Sierra Bender has traveled to mystical places around the world that she assures have contributed to her work, which promotes good mental, physical, spiritual and …


El Nuevo Día

Muchas veces ocurre así: un evento trágico propicia una transformación positiva. Así le ocurrió a Sierra Bender. A sus 32 años estuvo al borde de la …


Sección Comercial

Entre atender a los nenes, la pareja, el estrés del trabajo, los quehaceres del hogar ymil cosas más, “Wonder Woman” se queda corta al lado de nosotras.


Sal! De Paseo

Son espacios sanadores por naturaleza, en los que se sienten energias vitales sea por su cercenfa a elementos como el agua, la tierra, el viento y la …

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“Empowerment is not just the development of learning new skills and thinking, it’s embodying them.” 

Sierra Bender

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