“Boot Camp for Goddesses® – A beautiful gift to give to myself.
Lessons I have learned and relearned while at Boot Camp for Goddesses® Level 1: the Awakening
Goddesses are:
Aware of their emotions and know how to let them go. Balanced with their warrior and feminine side. Caring and compassionate to others and also to themselves.
Dreamers and don’t settle for the good, but always go for the greatness. Enduring and willing to do the hard work it takes to ride the wave. Flexible to shape shift when needed. Grounded with her feet flat and head held high to receive the energy and power from Mother Earth and God. Humble and secure with herself. Inspirational to others. Joyful because she has peace in her heart. Kind and not weak. Loving to themselves first. Mindful and distant from toxic people, refusing to engage in the drama. Now living their lives as Goddesses not needing to be suppressed. Open to continually learning and growing. Patient and persistent with themselves. Quiet and great listeners. Resourceful and use their intuition that guides them. Sensual and sexual. Thought provokers that help others to see the world and themselves differently. Unconditional with their love. Vivacious yet graceful when the situation requires. Worldwide and the sisterhood is strong. X-traordinary in their power. Young and old – age doesn’t matter, and Zesting with life, love, and passion in all that they do!
Thank you Sierra for all that you do for women!”