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We are in a time of heightened awareness surrounding the issues of mental health, as well as violence and abuse in the workplace. Individuals, companies, and educational institutions are seeking ways to enlighten and empower themselves and their employees. These issues are not new, but people are now becoming more aware and seeking answers and help.  We not only have the answers, but we provide THE solution.


Keynote Speaker


Sierra is a dynamic and inspirational speaker and game changer poised to assist your organization to reach new levels. The clinically proven 4 Body Fit™ Sierra Bender Empowerment Method is at the core of her empowerment presentations. She is available as a Keynote Speaker for your conference, exposition or training event.  If you prefer a more intimate event, bring Sierra directly to your community. Offer an experiential program at your office, corporate headquarters, college or university campus that your employees or students will long remember.

Not Your Typical Presenter


Sierra employs an approach that is masterful, yet fun, fiery, heartfelt and captivating, and engages audience members whether they are attending her keynote address or a game changing day of empowerment.

By engaging Sierra to work with your organization, you will not only join the MILLIONS of others she has helped but will walk away with a new attitude, and power in your presence that others will definitely notice.

“Sierra is a force of nature. Her words and presence light up the room.” ~ Wade Davis, explorer-in-residence, National Geographic Society and best-selling author 

Professional Development Workshops & Retreats

More often than not, our professional shortcomings can stem from a lack personal empowerment and self-healing. By way of a multifaceted approach, our 4 Body Fit™ Method integrates the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies into a clinically-proven method  that can help you and your company and to better navigate, regenerate, and dominate their respective industries worldwide.

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The Intelligence of Living Empowered

“Empowerment is not just conceptual it is embodiment.  Intelligence is more than being smart it is being well rounded.”

Sierra Bender