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Monthly Self-Investment: $49.88

Weekly 30- 60 Minute On Demand Workouts 

Includes: 4 Body Fit™ Workout, Weights, Yoga, Issues in the Tissues™ Relaxation, Brreathwork, Meditation, Menopause & Hormonal Health & Healing.

Free Goddess to the Core Membership Private Facebook Invitation: One time a week I will share more beauty tips and tools to support you staying 4 Body Fit™ Aligned. Time to Goddess Up!

For You Convenience Anytime Anywhere: New Workouts posted in your private  membership Tuesdays & Fridays.

Welcome to the 4 Body Fit™ Goddess to the Core  Membership

The Goddess to the Core Membership is a place of laughter, tears and sweat. A community to support each others well-being. “You cannot have women’s empowerment without women’s health”.

The Goddess to the Core Membership Community is for those who are serious about their health and well-being. Who are willing to do the work to better themselves, stay up on nutrition, beauty tips, women’s issues and to release trauma down to their DNA.

Over my 30 plus years of teaching women I can confirm this. “When women gather SHIT happens.This platform is when the laughter, tears and sweat join us together in the pain and pleasure of being a woman. This platform is where the healing, truth and power of women gathering begins to create change on all levels.

Thank you for trusting me to lead you on this journey. #TraumaDramaFree2024 will be your mantra for the year.

Get Ready to Goddess Up!™

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FAQ & Cancellation Policy

  • How it works.

Once you pay you will be steered  to Thinkific platform where you will create a private account. This will give you access to all workouts at anytime. You will also be invited to the private Facebook page “Goddess to the Core Membership Community”.  Here you can ask me questions and let me know what you would like to focus on, along with meeting other inquiring and inspiring Goddess Warriors like yourself. I will also going LIVE to connect with you to share my Goddess Glow secrets on beauty, nutrition and lifestyle tips. I will be your biggest cheerleader to help you stay 4 Body Fit™ aligned.

  • What do you need for the workout? 

You will need a yoga mat and weights that you can use for upper body and lower body. I suggest 3lb, 5lb and 8lb. a quiet  place to connect to your beautiful soul.

  • Is this a recurrent payment or one-time payment?

This is a subscription based plan. You will receive 8-10 new  workouts every month and have access to all prior workouts in your Thinkific platform membership.

  • Will I automatically be subscribed for the next month?

Yes. You are signing up for a subscription plan where you must unsubscribe through “My Account” if you no longer wish to continue. Any charges after the first month will not be refunded. You can also email info@sierrabender.com.

  • Do I lose the previous workouts after each new month?

Nope! That’s the best part! The longer you stay in the program and maintain membership, the larger the workout library! How awesome is that?! Each month, you’ll receive 8-10 NEW workouts, PLUS keep all the previous months as well! After 1 year with the program, you will have access to 100-120 Workouts..

  • Do I lose the previous workouts if I decide to unsubscribe?

Yes, unfortunately, just as a typical gym membership, you will no longer have access to the workouts. We understand that funds change, and sometimes you may need to leave us for awhile. My hope is that while you were in the program, you learned a ton about your body and you are then able to incorporate it into any future workouts you may do! Also, if you decide to come back at any time, you can resume right where you left off using the same email and card information as before!

  • What if I am currently in pain or have an injury?

Not to worry. I always encourage you to listen to your body. Use the modifications whenever necessary or only focus on core and mobility for the month if you need to back off the 4 Body Fit™  Workouts for awhile.

  • What if I want to unsubscribe? 

We would be bummed to see you go, but I understand life happens! You can unsubscribe at any time through the “My Account – Billing” tab once you’re logged in! You will be immediately removed from our facebook community as well.