“Do not mistake this book for yet another of the hundreds of self help books this book is POWERFUL. READ IT!” ~ Julie Winthrope, Ph.D

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“Sierra’s 4 Body Fit Method Works! It’s evolved psychotherapy. Her weekend workshop is worth 20 years of therapy.” ~ Dr. Deborah Norris, Ph.D. Department of Psychology at American University, D.C.

Goddess To Your Core

Sierra is Changing Women’s Lives One at a Time! 

I had no idea what a Sierra Bender workshop would be like and decided to take one as an adventure. It was quite simply a life altering weekend. I physically watched women from all over the world come together all different ages/socioeconomic backgrounds, etc. We were women who were stressed/burdened with life in general  no more or no less than the average woman. By the end of the weekend, each of us simply looked more radiant, beautiful and at peace after connecting to our essence. Sierra believes in the power of nature to heal  versus pharmaceuticals.

Her message is quite simple: regain your inner femininity and power  without a bunch of commercial stereotypes to define what a woman is  and where her power resides. Do not mistake this book for yet another of the hundreds self help books, this book is POWERFUL and I have recommended it to many women, all of whom found pearls of wisdom in the pages. Sierra is on a mission to heal this planet by helping women (and men) to regain their natural balance and power. This is just the beginning . . . her message is clear, accurate and amazingly positive. READ IT! ~ Julie, Winthrope Ph.D


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