Vernal Equinox

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A beautiful sunset over the mountains with trees in the foreground.

Spring Equinox

Sunshine and starlight find equality.

At 4:24 pm, Central Daylight Time, the sun sits directly over the equator, marking the Spring Equinox.  Day and night are of equal length, the official start of Spring!

The winter darkness has faded.  Today we celebrate the balance between light and dark.  After today, and for the next three months, we will begin to experience more daylight than darkness.  But for today, the sun and stars are equal, a perfect balance.  Today, we have a fresh start.  Time to do our spring cleaning: mentally, physically, environmentally!

A pink blanket with flowers and scrabble tiles that say " welcome spring ".

Nature’s rhythm teaches balance.

Now is the time to shift our focus, to self-reflect, and find balance in our routines.  What and who do we prioritize?  How much time and energy do we allocate towards work, family, community, ourselves?  Everyone talks about finding a work-life balance.  Stop talking and start doing!


Find balance to improve your overall well-being.

Finding balance is more important than figuring out a way to evenly distribute your time amongst the things that are important to you.  Finding balance is essential for your health.    Have you been feeling uneasy, sleepy, or forgetful?  These are your body’s signs that you need balance.  Stop juggling the balls and learn to balance the ball.  Embrace your inner seal!

A seal is playing with a ball in its mouth.

What does balance look like?

Balance is a state of equilibrium.  Balance is harmony between “have to” and “want to.”  Balance is sleeping enough for our body.  Balance is eating what is nutritious for our body.  Balance is exercising for our body.  Balance is relaxing for our body.  Balance is finding what brings us joy across all aspects of our life.

“Balance of energy comes from a healthy respect for the opposing forces present within each individual – such as yin and yang, male and female, outward and inward – that unite to keep our energy moving.  When these opposing forces unite and create balance, we feel the result as our life force.”

Today, on the Spring Equinox, the opposing forces of the sun and moon are equal.  Let’s use that energy!

Helpful tips to find balance on the Spring Equinox.

A sign that says spring i want you

The Spring Equinox is the best day to harness Mother Earth’s energy to balance the four bodies.

“Energy is an infinite source.  Energy is manifested through frequencies, vibrations, sensations, feelings, and emotions with action behind them.”  Try these Goddess To The Core actions to find your balance:

Spiritual:  Integrates the flow of physical, emotional, and mental energies.  Use and trust your intuition.  Let go of the busyness in your mind.  Take time to meditate, to be quiet and listen to your inner voice.

Mental:  Teaches the discipline of silence and stillness.  Check in with yourself.  Hold yourself accountable.  Stop.  Listen.  Feel.  Reflect.  Know and set your boundaries.

Emotional:  Creates a union between the body, breath, and emotions.  Protect your personal space.  Give and receive.  Take responsibility.  Your inner voice will reveal your true authentic self.

Physical:  Places equal emphasis on strength and suppleness.  Use effort and action without overexerting.  Know the right moves and best timing to release stress.

Harness the energy of the sun and the moon!

Goddess Up! Get Your Goddess flowing, growing and GLOWING! . – Sierra Bender


(Bender, Sierra. Goddess to the Core. Llewellyn Worldwide, 2009.)

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“The 4 Body Fit™ Empowerment Method became my path and has remained my path.”~ Diane Whitney

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Calling All Goddess Warriors!