Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

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To ensure survival, help yourself first!

Before takeoff, the flight attendant gives instructions to put your oxygen mask on first before helping other people.  If you run out of oxygen, how are you going to help anyone else put on their oxygen mask?  Putting your needs first is the only way you can be there for others.  The key to self care is not waiting until there is an emergency because you will already be out of oxygen.  Don’t wait until you are exhausted, in pain, sick, anxious, or depressed – these are signs you’re already out of oxygen.  Screw the fast-paced society we live in.  Self care is self love!

A sign that says self care isn 't selfish

What is a Queen without her King? Historically, more powerful. 

Once upon a time… is a bullshit fairy tale.

“A Goddess Warrior creates her own destiny, rather than allowing her environment to shape her.  Her energy comes from a place of centeredness and balance.  She is in touch with her intuition and brave enough to follow the guidance.”

She is enough.  She is worthy.  She loves herself.

Love means freedom.  Love means sacrifice.  Love is a constant process.  Love means constantly taking care of yourself.  Just like the oxygen mask, you can’t love others if you don’t love yourself.

A close up of some chess pieces on the board

What’s the difference between a princess and a Goddess? A Goddess saves herself.  The end.

Once upon a time… we had close companionship.  We had the whole village.  We are becoming a more dismissive and distant society.  We value independence more.  We value technology more.  We see emotional dependency as a weakness.  Co-dependent is different than being IN love.  We want reliance on someone, emotional security is healthy.  Being emotionally connected gives you independence and freedom.  Be IN love with who you are.  Rely on yourself.  Take the time, effort, and energy to make self care a priority.  Make no mistake – we are Goddesses, not princesses who need to be rescued!


Can we love if we are disconnected from ourself?

When we are in a relationship (romantic, familial, friendship), we ask ourself:  Is this person there for me?  Do I matter to this person?  If I am hurting, will this person be there for me?  If we look at any relationship, disconnection happens and that is natural.  People go through trauma.  People go through distress.  Disconnection can happen.  Problems arise when we can’t reconnect.

The most important person we need to reconnect with is our SELF.  Be in a relationship with yourself, and ask:  Am I there for me?  Do I matter to myself?  If I am hurting, will I be there for myself?

We would never talk to our partner, our lover, our family, our best friend with the same tone of voice and words that we use when we talk to ourself.  Tell that inner voice, that inner monologue that’s on repeat, that self-deprecating voice to shut the f*ck up!

A lighted sign that says i hate nothing about you.

We are social beings who need connection to get through life - an emotional connection that just IS.

Regain your power over your self care and self love!

The 4 Body Fit™ Empowerment Method in Action found in Goddess To The Core can help you reconnect to your inner love:

Love is a deep trust.  Trust yourself.

The most powerful energy is love.  Love is not only an emotion but an energy with action behind it.  Unconditional love is a cross-over energy that we store in all four bodies as a memory, reminding us we are always whole and always worthy.

Unconditional love is the inherent knowledge that resides within each of us that we are all one, and that all of God’s creatures are made of the same elements and have the same intelligence and wisdom within them.  Modern society tends not to teach how we can connect with and tap into these resources in order to draw energy from them and ultimately use them as a source of healing power.

Copy the following mantra onto several index cards and put it in places where you will see every day – taped to your bathroom mirror, as a bookmark in your daily planner, on the refrigerator.  Say it to yourself several times a day.

Goddess Affirmation

I am fierce

I am fulfilled

I am enough

I am a Goddess UP! woman

Learn to love yourself more!

Goddess Up! You can’t have women’s empowerment without women’s HEALTH! . – Sierra Bender


(Bender, Sierra. Goddess to the Core. Llewellyn Worldwide, 2009.)

Two women sitting next to each other with their arms around one another.




Johnson, S. (2013).  Love Sense: The revolutionary new science of romantic relationships.  Little, Brown and Company.  New York.

Calling All

Goddess Warriors!

Calling All Goddess Warriors!