Limited Space 13 Women  

If this journey is calling you DO NOT HESITATE or LET FEAR STOP YOU. You higher self knows the truth and the way. Which one will win, the higher self/soul or fear? Look forward to doing this life transformation journey with you. Goddess Up!

This expedition is application only. Please email or call me at 646-725-7593 for the application.

If you are a returning Goddess who has worked with me in any of my retreats, workshops, expeditions or trainings please email the event you participated in and when. I will then decide if you need to fill out an application.

Thank you so much,


What Your Journey Includes:

Your every concern is covered. I have done the Goddess Warrior Sacred Tour Peru with my Goddess tribe 18 times and now this will be the 19th. Each one has SOLD OUT!

This particular journey however is a private and very intimate tour to introduce you to Peru’s grandmother plant medicine Ayahuaska, my teachers and friends, the Shipbo tribe in the jungle, Qero Shamans of the Andes Mountains and Shaman and Chief Valerio Freddy Cohaila. They have all helped me heal tremendously through their compassion and their indigenous teachings over the past 25 years.

As the natives say “We have to slow down to catch up.” This healing knowledge and intelligence has been taught for thousands of years however not to the Western World. We have lost of way to the most powerful Goddess of all Mother Earth and her ways. You will take a look into their world, the world of Mother Earth and Father Sky, the Apus’, the world of the magic and mystery of the universe and the tools she give us to heal and survive living in this human existence.

The SOUL knows we did not come here to suffer we came to LIVE, DANCE and LOVE!

With Love,



Self-Investment 2 Week Expedition IT’S LIFE CHANGING!

Double Room: $6950.88

Single Room: $7600.88


All Inclusive:

– Lodging 5 star.

– Meals except 5.

– 3 domestic flights.

– Tickets to all sacred sites.

– 1 day vision quest and tipi ceremony.

– Private Sweatlodge for the group lead by Sierra,  Shaman & Chief Valerio Freddy Cohaila.

– 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies (Grandmother medicine) in Amazon Jungle

– Amazon Shipbo Shamans leading 3 medicine ceremonies

– 1 San Pedro (Jaguar Medicine) Tipi Ceremony lead by Shaman & Chief Valerio Freddy Cohaila

– Personal healing & sacred coca leaf reading with Shaman and Chief Valerio Freddy Cohaila.

– Qero Shamans of Andes Mountain initiation ceremonies and healing.

– Machu Picchu tour 2 days.

– Tour of Cusco.

– Panoramic Train Ride to Machu Picchu.

– Private Mercedes tour bus.

– Private tour guide and 4 shamans who I have worked with over 20 years.

Does Not Include:

  • International flight about $800-$1200 depending on where you live.
  • Tips for guide and staff


Please Call 646-725-7593 or Email to Register.