Within every woman there is a Goddess waiting to be awakened and unleashed! This Goddess is worthy of love and all the sexual, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pleasures of life. This wildly designed workshop of Goddess empowerment and fun teaches you the tools required to tap in and turn on the magic, mystery, and eroticism of the Goddess in the Bedroom®.


“A sexy and empowered Goddess is a woman who feels confident in her body and emanates beauty inside and out.” –Sierra Bender


Goddesses in the Bedroom® fully utilizes the Sierra Bender Method for Personal & Professional Empowerment (‘SBM’). As a result of implementing the ‘SBM’, a new vital personal core power is developed and revealed.


The Sierra Bender Method for Personal & Professional Empowerment (‘SBM’) is a unique multimodal approach teaching self-realization, self-empowerment and self-love. The ‘SBM’ works to break the cycle of stress and disempowerment and the psychologies of trauma, addiction and sexual abuse leading to emotional intelligence, positive psychology and holistic health. The ‘SBM’, utilizes the 4 Body Fit™ system as outlined in Sierra’s Amazon 5 Star Rated book. Goddess to the Core®. A physical, emotional, mental and spiritual integrated approach to self -empowerment which is a clinically proven and measured system by the Department of Psychology at American University Washington D.C. since 2010 and published for its remarkable results.

The ‘SBM’ synthesizes the disciplines of modern medicine, science, indigenous wisdom, holistic health, exercise physiology, quantum physics, nutrition, and yoga therapy.


This sexy and passionate workshop for single and married women includes aromatherapy, tantric and healing exercises, massage, Goddess to the Core® Inside Out Workout™ (including yoga, weight training, exercise bands, and breath work) and discussions on women’s sexual fitness and health.

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  • Claim the domain of the Goddess―the bedroom.
  • Create a sacred union.
  • Tempt, tease and arouse the senses.
  • Unleash the tigress and wild woman within, awakening primal instincts vs. guilt.
  • Learn about the nectar of your Shakti and divine feminine energy.
  • Discover the Kama Sutra’s approach to the art of making love.
  • Feel the flow and fluidity of your body through dance.
  • Feel sexy and confident in your body.
  • Embrace and embody your sensual and sexual nature.
  • Bring passion and purpose back into your relationship with yourself and lover.
  • Create your personal perfume and body blend to awaken and unleash the seductive and luscious Goddess within.
  • Communicate with your lover; how to please and be pleased.

Put your Female spirit into action to manifest what you Desire, Require & Deserve in the Bedroom!

Goddess in the Bedroom® In Action!

Goddess in the Bedroom® Shakes it Up!


Upon my arrival home, my boyfriend with so much love and respect greeted me, not that he doesn’t always treat me well, (we have a great relationship). However he noticed this overall clarity about me, we are very much in-tune with each other and this workshop just made my life even better. I applaud you, as you are a very beautiful, compassionate and brave woman.” — Shelley McNaughton

“Good news! My husband and I are working things out. It is so beautiful! My Goddess practices truly helped me get through the last 5 months with poise, grace & courage.”
— Sherry

“The Goddess in the Bedroom was the best program I have ever participated in. It awakened things in me that were dormant…feelings that I did not think existed for me. After two failed marriages, I am on the right path to establishing a loving relationship first with myself, and then I hope with another. I was not a failure; I just didn’t know what power I could have in my life — Denise Jenks

“You indicated that men really do want to please us; they just have to be instructed/guided to that purpose. WOW- did I just have a beautiful bedroom experience. My Husband and I had an energetic tender romp-facilitated by adorning myself with my unique original Goddess body oil (it makes my yoni even more a jewel!) he climaxed first (which so rarely happens) and his enjoyment was experienced in a very intense release. We lay together still connected, such a great way to stay! Anyway, snuggle time continued but I had a desire to be manually pleasured by him. My verbal guidance was so simple and clear he complied enthusiastically- “Roll over and love me” I said. No detailed instructions but my needs were met lovingly and most satisfactorily! Guidance to let him know what I desired (to be loved), -Viola! Being a Goddess is such an essential way to guide my femininity! Thank you so much for giving me a piece to my puzzle and helping my marriage be even better! Regards to my Goddess mentor!”— Ann Claiming my Domain!

“Love-making is awesome… I’m a new woman. My husband is happy, he started reciting our mantra once we ended our lovemaking session… Reaffirming I was a Goddess… Feminine… Sensual, Sexual…. — Waleska Salsberry Natural Awakenings Magazine, Puerto Rico

“My husband gets it all, he understands everything about the Feminine and masculine energy. You said that men would die for their wives and family. Ron has told me this many times. I didn’t’t get it nor did I realize how I was taking him for granted. When I told him what you said, he cried. My heart opened, as did my femininity to receiving all the love he has to offer that I was pushing away. — Mary C.

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