The 4 Questions God Creator Asked Me

How I Birthed the 4 Body Fit™ Sierra Bender Empowerment Method


During my dance with death, I was visited by Christ who opened me to the expansiveness and knowledge of the universe. Christ was the middle man between me and God, the conduit who helped put things in perspective, for my mind could not fathom all this knowledge at once. I felt as if my mind was going to explode. At the same time, my body and soul recognized the frequencies of this universal energy. The amazing part was there was no emotion involved. There was the oneness of the universe, the expansiveness, the flow, and the freedom of no sense of time or structure.

The more I surrendered to this energy, this inner knowing and knowledge, the more information came through, downloading like a computer. In this space of surrendering to my ego, letting go of fear and the unknown, I could feel my mind, body and soul being reprogrammed back to their true nature, my divineness. I remember it so vividly like a static radio station. I had been out of sync, out of alignment with myself and my God Creator. I was out of touch with my true potential because my life and human experiences of pain, loss and abuse left scars from the inside out.

Christ took me on the most wild ride of my life. Christ, not in the sense as a religion, but Christ as the first human being to understand God as energy; Christ as the first person to heal himself and others through all senses.  Christ reminded me of who I was, why I was here, and what I needed in order to heal and to move forward. He told me these past experiences and pains are things that happened to me, but they are not who I am at my core. Love isn’t t just an emotion. Love is the most powerful force in the universe grounded by action and responsibility.

Are you more angry at what happened to you or more angry at these experiences?  Are the people who brought harm to you still in control of your emotions, your mind, and your future?  Do you want to be a victim of your life or start participating in it? The choice is yours to forgive. Forgiveness is not about forgetting. You will never forget, but gain the wisdom to not repeat the same patterns. It’s about letting these things go, releasing them from the role they play in your life, and moving forward. It’s  about no longer holding the energy of the pain that others project upon you.

The remarkable part of this experience was that my higher self already knew this information.  The cloudiness of my emotions and trauma had been stopping me from being aware of this inner knowing. I had been stuck in a state of reaction, a vicious cycle of feeding the pain and suffering, then creating more.


Then, Christ asked me 4 questions:

  1. Spiritually: Do you remember when you stopped listening to God, Creator, Spirit, Me? Why? How old were you?
  2. Mentally: What were the beliefs systems from your family, religion, media, culture, society that took you further away from God’s and my Love ?
  3. Emotionally: Why do you consistently punish yourself by not feeling worthy of Love, God’s and my Love?
  4. Physically: Why do you keep attracting the same actors and actresses in your life who tell you that you are not worthy of Love?  Why are you resisting Love, God’s and my Love?


I knew the answers to these questions, without any thought. Every cell in my body had been given permission to remember so I could finally heal. This was in the forefront of my soul.

Spiritually: As a child I always talked to God, to the universe, to nature. My curiosity was overflowing with questions of how the universe worked and every creature in it. I had stopped talking to God, stopped asking questions, stopped listening.  I had stopped listening to my innate gifts of intuition and my instincts.

Mentally: On my day of first confession, the priest asked me to tell my sins. I did not understand why, as if I was a self-tattle tale. I felt shame and guilt, asking the priest why I needed him when I already knew how to speak to God. I got into trouble for speaking my truth, but this created a fear inside me that maybe I didn’t t know how to speak to God.

Emotionally: Coming from abuse and having feelings of worthlessness from neglect, I punished myself. I numbed the pain by self-inflicting harm with eating disorders, using drugs, drinking alcohol, being in abusive relationships. I was overcompensating in an effort to prove my worth. I was searching for love through my actions, by what I did and had to offer, not through who I was on the inside.

Physically: I was choosing the same type of actors and actresses, over and over, because they were familiar.  And, because I did not feel worthy of having better people in my life, not that I would have known what better was. I was going through the motions, like a beaten dog who didn’t t know anything outside her cage. I was living fearful of life, always trying to survive, never thriving. I was surrounding myself with people who mirrored my dysfunctions.

Christ’s profound truth was healing and releasing my pain, down to my DNA and beyond. The memories of my trauma were being healed by truth, with Christ’s help of clarity and compassion not only for myself but also for those who harmed me. I understood then the power and balance of Love as forgiveness and compassion. Brutally honest, fierce truth released the chains and the armor I had once used to protect myself. I could now find and stay in alignment with Christ Consciousness, universal law, and Love grounded by action and responsibility. Self-Love is not selfish, it is mandatory in order to survive and thrive.

Love is holding others accountable to be the best versions of their true self.  The reason why I went through all this pain was to help others heal by teaching people that experiences and pain are not to be feared. This is something that has happened to you, it is not who you are at your core. Pain will take you closer to the answers and healing sought after, by seeking God, Creator, Christ for sanity, help and stability.


it’s  the most powerful force in the universe

grounded by action and responsibility.”

Sierra Bender



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