“I came to the conclusion that you could potentially change the nature of psychotherapy. As a psychotherapist I was quick to realize that your experiential workshop, in 5 days, had the capacity to cut through 20 years of therapy. I am jumping on board.”– Elisabeth Traphagen, Psychotherapist

“Recently, I spent a week in the high mountains of Colorado in the presence of a true Goddess, Sierra Bender. This beautiful, spiritual, gifted and classy person led a group of successful women on a sojourn into the very essence of their beings. Sierra challenged them, taught them, inspired them, and finally, gave them wings. Watching her carefully peel away the many self-constructed emotional barriers protecting these urbane women was especially amazing. Under Sierra’s masterful hand, their souls were soon basking together in harmony under the warm, mountain sun. I have filmed and traveled all over the world and have never experienced such bonding and shared passion among strangers. Sierra’s magical retreat, her Boot Camp for Goddesses®, is unique. She is a Goddess of love and inner peace.” — John Barrett – Producer & Writer ESPN

“Sierra Bender, to paint her so you can see her strong, sure wings that take her only in directions she chooses. Wind to no affect. How can I show how firmly she stands? How straight her spine is? Her words are more sure than kind, yet not unkind. She’s concerned with the feelings of others, yes, but not driven to appease. It’s hard to know if her presence would be so powerful if she weren’t beautiful. I tried to imagine her overweight, or bald, or four and a half feet tall. Give her a different tone of voice, brown teeth. But her power is inside her.” – Amy Lees, TV Producer

I consciously draw inspiration from Sierra every single day– the wisdom I have gained from her is what I wish for all women. To learn to love and appreciate the divine feminine Goddess energy that exists within each of us; to reclaim it, to trust it, to trust ourselves and reconnect to our own intuitive power. I never had to be convinced by Sierra — from the moment we met, I knew I was in the presence of a true Goddess, one who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. I am blessed to walk the walk with her on this enlightening journey toward a new Female Empowerment.” – Diane Rosenfeld, lecturer on Law and Director of the Gender Violence Program at Harvard Law School

“Sierra’s unique integrative program offers women a blend of ancient and modern, spiritual and physical tools for strengthening themselves from the inside out. When women leave her workshop at Omega, their transformation is absolutely visible!” – Carla Goldstein, director of the Women’s Leadership Center at the Omega Institute

“Sierra is a staunch and passionate advocate for women’s individual empowerment. She has lived through and triumphed over many of the issues that affect women today, and is a role model for those who want to embrace their challenges with strength and sensuality. She inspires the grounded Goddess in us all, so we celebrate both our earthiness and our divinity.” – Denise Barack, Director of Program Development, Kripalu Center

“Sierra is one of the best leaders I’ve ever worked with. She leads with such compassion, yet she knows exactly what she will and will not accept.” 
– Robin Tefft, Retired Army general

“Last week, during our senior staff meeting, the subject of your workshop for our corporation came up and I had to let you know just how much we appreciated the tools you gave us. Considering the fact that most of the group was skeptical at first, I think these results speak very highly of your program and the way to deal with type A personalities, as most of us are in the group. Stress levels are always high for those in leadership roles, but especially today with the economy so troubled. I wanted you to know that this is one group on whom you left an incredible mark.” – Frances Preston, BMI Broadcast Music, Inc., President, Chief Executive Director

“You are one of the most interesting people I have ever met and I appreciate your special gift of giving to those less fortunate.
Thank you again for raising $24,000.00 with your program Boot Camp for Goddesses® to help fight cystic fibrosis.” – Laura Heatherly, Director of Marketing Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

“Members of our team are committed to working at learning more about your method and other healing techniques – for ourselves as well as our patients” – Dr. Murphy, Vanderbilt Hospital Ingram Cancer Center, TN

“On behalf of the entire Country in the Rockies Board and all our participants. We want to thank you for your continued support of our program. 
Your program last year was one of the highlights. It definitely added to the OVERALL ENJOYMENT of our guests, staff and celebrities in so many ways. 
We are delighted you will be joining us again next year. Many of our guests are already working it into their schedule.” – Francis Preston, President BMI — CMT (Country Music Television)

“You rock! I thought one of the most powerful aspects of the evening was for all the women to just get your ‘transmission’ – hear, feel and see a real live woman being so bold, authentically autonomous, owning herself. This in itself was ‘priceless’. I got some wonderful feedback right away – a lot of appreciation expressed about having you there…so THANK YOU! – Maia Conty, Director Women’s Finance Series American Institute of Economic Research AIER

“Sierra Bender is not an academic who was dying to teach because she was afraid of living; she is a “Warrior of Life” who can teach because she allowed nearly dying to release her to discover living.”– Warren Farrell, Ph.D., author of Why Men Are the Way They Are and Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say

“The boot camp is all about what’s right with you, not what’s wrong with you. Quite simply, it was an oasis of calm and restoration in an otherwise crazy and draining world.” – Beverly K., contributor for People magazine

“Sierra has seemingly interminable knowledge about how to help women “be wom- en.” She herself is challenging, compassionate, and radiantly confident, a model of how to balance the Warrior and Goddess energies women have.” – Sharon M., Ph.D., Harvard Medical School executive coach for women

“Sierra your words and presence lights up the room. Often I have reflected on your life story and how you found not just a way to forgive, but in that act of forgiveness a vehicle through which to share such grace and loving kindness with the world. And all from a place of power, a woman’s power, strong and true.” – Wade Davis, explorer-in-residence, National Geographic Society and best-selling author of One River and The Serpent and the Rainbow

“Working in a very male dominating field, I forgot to respect my feminine self. I learned so much more than I expected. It was so affirming to know that what I thought was correct – I didn’t need therapy or xanax. I simply needed a way to replenish and nurture myself. And you showed me how to do that.” – Mary Patricia Powers, US Navy

“Sierra is a force of power with a heart of softness. She moves women into their bodies and emotions, then takes them on a healing journey to their Goddess selves. She is empowerment embodied!” – Toni Bergins, Creator of JourneyDance

“Sierra Bender has created a unique and user-friendly approach to women’s health and wellness, directed primarily at empowerment in its broadest sense of the word. Sierra has mastered the ability to engage women of all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. Sierra’s Boot Camp teaches simple tools within each of the “Four Body” catogories, all designed to provide women with strategies for living a healthier, happier life. I had the pleasure of attending her workshop and was truly amazed by Sierra’s genuine attention to the group of women attending. By providing a safe environment for exploring all aspects of one’s self (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) utilizing the SBM Method, Sierra enabled a group of 62 women to open to a powerfully life-altering experience. Sierra communicates in an efficient, effective and clear fashion, hitting home with so many women with her personal revelations and empathic responsiveness to others. As a therapist, I was struck by the depth of emotion Sierra was able to access in herself and others, and by her awareness of how to stimulate body, mind, spirit and emotion in a path toward health, healing and growth. I went to her workshop with the hopes of finding the strength and courage I would need to deal with my young son’s recent diagnosis of Crohn’s disease. I left feeling stronger, braver and more connected to community, to nature, to spirit and to my own body, certainly better equipped to manage life’s unexpected ups and downs.” – Shari Becker, Clinical Psychologist, Ridgewood, NJ


“Boot Camp for Goddesses has helped my marriage more than all the self-help books and couples’ workshops we have done!” – Debbie B.

“You are an excellent instructor, dynamic, feminine,
 not too tough but not a pushover – in effect you are 
the embodiment of all that you were teaching us (as if
you didn’t already know that). I think so many women 
go too far when they try to be tough or assert 
themselves. By being attractive and feminine yet
 strong you really show us by example how to become
 Goddesses.” – Lori Fiorovich, Organic Farmer, Crystal Bay Farm

“You helped me so much, after only 30 days in recovery I can’t believe I was even there. Filled with so much despair, you gave me hope, strength and light and shared with me the most incredible experience I have ever had. The SBEM gave me the tools to heal myself. I have learned to heal myself.” – Jane Frazier / recovering addict

“Sierra helped me to regain my power and learn to stand in my truth. Her energy is indescribable, but I’ll try. It’s kind of like eating chocolate while shopping and having an orgasm all at the same time! She is the most extraordinary woman I have ever met. I am finally on the journey I have been meant to take all my life.” – Tonya L.

“Boot Camp, my life changed so much. I went back to my international business and demanded a raise. I learned many new skills in your program and finally feeling that I totally settled in this country after 3 years struggling. You have given me so much courage.” – Linghong Li

“Thank you, Sierra. Sometimes after yoga I just cry because I’m so grateful for the love I have for myself. This newfound love where I can actually say, “I am so in love with me.” Thank you for empowering me, as you have so many women. You are an inspiration!” – Reyna

“I met a new guy, and he actually called me a Goddess … without me telling him any- thing about that part of my life. I thought it was pretty cool and that it was proof that I am carrying myself with the principles Sierra taught me—the essence of what it means to be a woman.” – Linda

“One of the most amazing experiences was with Sierra Bender, at the Boot Camp for Goddesses® Level 1. She is such a blessing and true healer, my connection to my true self and learning to release what does not serve me will remain in my life forever. The Sierra Bender Method for Personal & Professional Empowerment (‘SBM’) transformed my life, I have since then embraced my feminine spirit and reclaimed my strength. One amazing thing, I left Rheumatoid Arthritis at Boot Camp.” – Karen B.

“Thank you Sierra for shining your brilliance and for reflecting mine when I couldn’t see it! Love you.” – Michelle Jefferys

“She is fierce as a lioness, brave as a warrior, loving as a mother, a true 21st Century Goddess. Now is the time for us ALL to stand up in our true Goddess selves! Let Sierra show you the way.” – Karen MacGeorge

“In a perfect world, all young women would have the opportunity to access “The Sierra Bender Empowerment Method”. My 16 year old daughter has now taken Sierra’s “Boot Camp For Teens” for two consecutive summers and the impact on her self-esteem, confidence and body awareness has been immediate, profound and enduring. I will be eternally grateful to Sierra and her team for being such positive role models for young women as they are claiming their space in this world. It is such an uplifting and inspiring experience for these young women and all who love them!” – Jane Farnham, General Manager, Healthcare

“Once upon a time” is how I believed my life would begin. Why not? That’s what I read about and watched movies as a young girl. The handsome prince would save the beautiful girl and they would live happily ever after. The reality is, no one will save you from yourself but you.
I am a divorced woman raising three young girls. My fear has always been that I could not take care of myself let alone tend to and care for three children. How do I manage the long sleepless hours? How do I financially support us? Pay the bills? Put food on the table? Find a job that could provide all of this for us? Meet their emotional and financial needs by myself? The doubts and fears flood my thoughts and continue to instill fear that have become debilitating then paralyzing. The day came when I decided that the fear of being with the man that can and will or even has already destroyed us outweighed the fears I had of being a single Mother. It was a physically and emotionally difficult time including insecurities of myself and the capabilities of my character and strength to carry us. When the thoughts became overwhelming I turned to my Sister who would begin to instill the truth of the personal work I was about to encounter. Her perspectives and enlightenment uplifted my purpose. She helped me to make sense of the reason why I chose this path without back tracking when it became too difficult to move forward. My unconscious decisions began to emerge as confident purposes with her explanations. As I confided in her I would gain strength and confidence in myself and the abilities that I could embrace to create the future of my reality. Sympathy was definitely not something she felt or promoted. It was viewed as a root of pity and self-loath. If you feel it you embrace it and make change of it. That was her teachings. “Claim yourself and your space” that was her voice echoing and repeating to me at my time of feeling unsure or insecure. Be fierce yet gentle. You don’t need to be rough around the edges to make change or have others change for the positive in your presence. I will not allow negativity to penetrate my path of productivity that I have planned. To be a Goddess you need to be soft, loving, nurturing, empowering and in this journey and cycle become triumphant. My sister has taught me how to release my “Goddess Within.” – Lauren Bender, Sierra’s Sister