“Sierra is a staunch and passionate advocate for women’s empowerment. She has lived through and triumphed over many of the issues that affect women today, and is a role model for those who want to embrace their challenges with strength and sensuality. She inspires the grounded Goddess in us all, so we celebrate both our earthiness and our divinity.” – Denise Barack, Director of Program Development, Kripalu Center

Born and raised in New Jersey, Sierra Bender grew up to be a semi-professional athlete, model, and a prosperous fitness and health business owner. On paper, it looked like she had it all—health, beauty, and success in the corporate world and the fitness and beauty industries. But inwardly, there was a void that came from her history of being a statistic of sexual abuse.

At age of 32, Sierra had a near-death experience after an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy led to a ruptured uterus. After being pronounced dead, modern medicine saved her life, but did not heal her deeper wounds, leaving her depressed and lost. This experience set Sierra on an inner vision quest and an outdoor adventure across the globe.

Her search for her own empowerment led her to Native American reservations, an ashram in India, the Dalai Lama’s home, a jail cell in South Carolina, and a hut in the Amazon. Along the way, Sierra absorbed the collective teachings of the world’s sages and leaders and also tapped into her female essence, her inner Goddess–an innate and powerful entity. Her solo odyssey gave birth to a movement and myriad programs, trainings, and certifications empowering and nurturing women and young girls around the globe.

The aim of Sierra’s work is to empower women to claim their space in the world, face their fears, awaken their female spirit, and take control of their destiny without sacrificing their femininity or being an imitation man. Sierra has pulled forth the Goddess in myth, legend, and lore to teach women what has been taken away and what they have forgotten. She teaches the matriarchal ways of leading, healing, spiritual practices, and creating community or tribe, and brings the Goddess to life in the 21st century.

She has built and continues to build a tribe of Goddesses throughout the world to provide this backbone of support and love so that every woman can receive this knowledge to manifest what they desire, require, and deserve.

“Sierra Bender is not an academic who was dying to teach because she was afraid of living; she is a “Warrior of Life” who can teach because she allowed nearly dying to release her to discover living.” – Warren Farrell, Ph.D., best-selling author of Why Men Are the Way They Are and Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say