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Women are constantly faced with choices and demands. They can achieve great success in life, yet they still have a deep, nurturing center that longs to be expressed and fulfilled. They want to be a leader for their families and communities, and attain all that they desire, require, and deserve. How can women fully manifest their power while honoring their fluid and flexible feminine nature?

After traveling down this road herself, Sierra Bender experienced a hard-won spiritual breakthrough and discovered that the answers to her questions couldn’t be found in traditional healing systems or in our spiritually disconnected society-they were found, quite simply, within.

In Goddess to the Core®, Sierra offers a new way of living with true power and purpose by redefining fitness, beauty, and power for the twenty-first-century woman. Her unique method of healing from the inside out breaks the cycle of stress and disempowerment by developing all four bodies-spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical-to help women reclaim, restore, and rejoice in their core feminine essence.

  • Cultivate inner knowing to understand one’s true nature
  • Learn silence so the mind and heart can evaluate and reflect
  • Work with the breath to deepen emotional intelligence
  • Gain a stronger, leaner, more stable muscular foundation

  • Using an innovative mix of yoga techniques and indigenous spiritual tools such as smudging, prayer, ritual, and meditation, Sierra offers women practical guidance and inspiration for taking back vital energy while rediscovering happiness, health and wellness, inside and out.

    Goddess to the Core® (Llewellyn Worldwide Publications 2010)

    What Women Are Saying About Sierra’s Book:

    ***** A Must Read for Every Woman!
    Excellent book! Want to buy for every woman I know. Life-transforming! — Tammy G.

    ***** Amazing, Life Changing!
    This is a must read for woman everywhere. I found myself having quite a few “ah ha” moments. There are places in this where every woman on earth will be able to take something from it. — Rose T.

    ***** This Book is Amazing!!! A Joy!
    This book is the best of the best! I highly recommend every woman in the world read this. The insight is incredible, easy to read and follow. — Linda W.

    ****** This Book is Powerful Read It!
    I had no idea what a Sierra Bender workshop would be like – and decided to take one as an adventure. It was quite simply a life altering weekend. I physically watched women from all over the world come together – all different ages/socioeconomic backgrounds, etc. We were women who were stressed/burdened with life in general – no more or no less than the average woman. By the end of the weekend, each of us simply looked more radiant, beautiful and at peace – after connecting to our essence. Sierra believes in the power of nature to heal – versus pharmaceuticals. Her message is quite simple: regain your inner femininity and power – without a bunch of commercial stereotypes to define what a woman is – and where her power resides. Do not mistake this book for yet another of the hundreds self help books – this book is POWERFUL – and I have recommended it to many women, all of whom found pearls of wisdom in the pages. Sierra is on a mission to heal this planet – by helping women (and men) to regain their natural balance and power. This is just the beginning . . . her message is clear, accurate and amazingly positive. READ IT! — Julie, W Ph.D

    ***** My New Bible
    “Sierra’s unique ‘SBM’ program of integrating all four bodies is part of my core philosophy…in fact her book is like my bible as I constantly refer back to finding new wisdom. It is refreshing to let go of the paralyses of analysis and let the body do the work. This new found wisdom is now ingrained in me as a way of life.” — Jeanne D. Foot, CEB

    *****What a Gift to Women, Men, the World
    Thank you so much for your wonderful book, Goddess to the Core! It isa kind book, and yet it’s also strong, compassionate, inspiring, and
    healing. What a gift – and not only to individual women, but to families, communities, and the world. Thank you for making the hard journey, and for making ours so much easier and full of joy. — Rachel

    *****I Loveeeeeeeeeeeee Your Book!
    I was trying to reinvent myself, having 6 years of veganism and holistic medicine under my belt and picked up your book. GREAT TITLE! I haven’t even finished your book and I have already been so proactive in my life. — Alice

    ***** Tears in His Eyes
    Sierra Bender and the whole “goddess” idea, really made an impact. After I attended her session at the Women & Power Conference, I bought her Goddess to the Core® for my son about “goddesses” and read it to him. I was so moved that I read the stories with passion and my son literally had tears in his eyes. Ever since he has treated his sister much kinder and with respect – the respect and reverence that a GODDESS deserves! It’s great! Thanks for that! — Eva, Mother

    What Professionals are Saying About Sierra & Her Book:

    “Her unique integrative book and program offers women a blend of ancient and modern, spiritual and physical tools for strengthening themselves from the inside out. When women leave her workshop at Omega, their transformation is absolutely visible!” — Carla Goldstein, Director of the Women’s Leadership Center at the Omega Institute

    “. . . a force of nature, an inspired teacher who has through direct experience created an astonishing technique of transformation certain to reveal the Goddess within.” — Wade Davis, Explorer-in-Residence, National Geographic Society and best-selling author of One River and The Serpent and the Rainbow

    “She has seemingly interminable knowledge about how to help women ‘be women.’ She herself is challenging, compassionate, and radiantly confident, a model of how to balance the warrior and Goddess energies women have.” — Sharon M., Ph.D., Harvard Medical School executive coach for women

    “Sierra Bender is not an academic who was dying to teach because she was afraid of living; she is a “Warrior of Life” who can teach because she allowed nearly dying to release her to discover living.” — Warren Farrell, Ph.D., author of Why Men Are the Way They Are and Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say