“Sierra has seemingly interminable knowledge about how to help women ‘be women.” — Sharon M. Melnick, PhD, Harvard Medical School Executive Coach for Women

Sierra Bender Inc. pushes the boundaries of women’s empowerment and the feminist movement to a self -love movement. At the heart of the work of Sierra Bender, Inc. is a redefining of the term “empowerment.” It is not just the development of new skills and thinking, but also the surrendering and releasing of what is no longer of service to well-being. Most importantly, empowerment is self-love.

Sierra Bender Inc. was birthed from the personal journey of its founder. After learning about personal empowerment, Sierra went on to teach others through professional empowerment workshops and organizational trainings. These led to a best-selling book, then a corporation, and finally a global movement that covers every aspect of empowerment including physical, financial, emotional, mental, spiritual, corporate, social, and cultural.

Sierra and her company, Sierra Bender Inc., have joined forces with corporations, mentoring services, non-profit organizations, women’s organizations, medical and rehabilitation centers, colleges and universities, religious organizations, holistic centers, and other leading training centers around the world. Together, they provide experiences, professional trainings, and resources, that create profound transformative shifts at the individual, organizational, and societal levels, while connecting the hearts and harnessing the power of all females worldwide.

The company, with its international headquarters in Saint Petersburg, Florida, is based on the Sierra Bender Method for Personal & Professional Empowerment (SBM). This research-substantiated process synthesizes a clinical and holistic approach to health, empowerment, leadership, and community. In the face of ever-growing negative statistics about the plight of girls and women worldwide, Through the SBM actually works.

While Sierra’s workshops, certifications, and speaking engagements have traditionally catered to a female audience, there has been a dramatic increase in male participation at these workshops, trainings, and retreats. Therefore, it has become an important part of our mission to support men to access their core female power of truth, intuition, receptivity, and emotions. This allows them to come into balance with their feminine and masculine energies and seize their true power and authentic self.

Sierra Bender Inc. is actively involved in making the world a better place. A few examples:

  • Sierra’s personal experience with a male doctor’s abuse of power led her to pioneer the passage of a New Jersey state law, in 1996, requiring a third party present for all doctor visits to protect and prevent unwarranted advances and sexual abuse on women and girls while under the care of a medical professional.
  • Sierra Bender, Inc. donated over $50,000 dollars in scholarships to prevent domestic violence in Puerto Rico by training and certifying women in SBM, enabling these women to bring change to their communities.
  • The Sierra Bender Method is being taught in universities, high schools, and mentoring programs across the United States, to help break the cycles of violence and disempowerment.
  • Sierra Bender, Inc. operates on the principle of giving back, believing that generosity always comes full circle. To that end, the company supports a wide variety of fundraising events for non-profit organizations, including workshops, classes, and seminars such as the Day of Empowerment™.

  • Empower 21st century females to utilize the power of love as a dynamic tool to create much-needed change in this world
  • Build a foundation of leadership and entrepreneurship of females of all levels of society, so they can become advocates in their families, communities, nations, and the world.
  • Raise the level of confidence of women to reclaim their space in the world, restoring their core female power in order to rejoice in equality with men.
  • And now it is time to invite men into the circle.
  • “Sierra Bender can only be described as a force of nature, her words and presence lights up the room. Often, I have reflected on your life story and how you found not just a way to forgive, but in that act of forgiveness a vehicle through which to share such grace and loving kindness with the world. And all from a place of power, a woman’s power, strong and true.” – Wade Davis, explorer-in-residence, National Geographic Society and best selling author of One River and The Serpent and the Rainbow

    For more information, please call 1.888.794.3330 or email us at sierrabenderinfo@gmail.com.

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