“Sierra’s unique integrative program offers women a blend of ancient and modern, spiritual, and physical tools for strengthening themselves from the inside out.” — Carla Goldstein, Omega Institute’s chief external affairs officer and cofounder of the Omega Women’s Leadership Center

After a near-death experience at the age of 32, followed by a decade of intense research into the work of American mythologist Joseph Campbell, as well as anthropology, cultural studies, psychology, history, shamanism, and the healing ways of indigenous cultures, Sierra Bender created a unique philosophy and a method with proven results.

The Sierra Bender Method for Personal & Professional Empowerment (SBM) is a unique multimodal approach teaching self-realization, self-empowerment, and self-love. SBM synthesizes the disciplines of modern medicine, indigenous and shamanistic wisdom, holistic health, exercise physiology, quantum physics, nutrition, and yoga therapy. This clinically-proven method leads to dramatic transformations in emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and holistic health. Its impact is widespread, manifesting at the individual, community, and societal levels.

SBM is used by therapists, medical practitioners, mental health educators, teachers, and yoga instructors worldwide. It has been studied by American University, DC and the University of Puerto Rico in clinical trials that prove its effectiveness as a tool for empowering women and girls.

A 2010 report entitled “The Sierra Bender Empowerment Method and Its Effects on a Female Population” show astounding results for one weekend of participation and immersion in the SBM:

Read more about research here.

SBM assists women to reach their full potential by identifying traits that historically have disempowered them.Individuals are encouraged to face their fears, question the unknown, surrender to what no longer serves them, and give themselves permission to break the cycles of stress, trauma, depression, addiction, and sexual abuse. Time and time again, this method has freed women to make different, more positive choices in life, business, family, and relationships.

SBM has helped thousands step into their power, make necessary changes in their lives, and become true women leaders, not simply imitation men.

“Empowerment is not just conceptual, it’s embodiment.” – Sierra Bender

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