4 Body Fit™ Indigenous Wisdom


A Detox & 4 Body Fit™ Workout From the Inside Out 

Being Fit Goes Beyond the Physical

“When the body is not healthy the Spirit does not want to stay to do its work”. – Sierra Bender




Intelligence of Love

There is a calling for women to heal their differences, and to honor each other’s gifts, Medicine, vulnerabilities, strengths and weaknesses. The intelligence of Love is Love in action.


Warrior Way

An inner vision quest. Every Warrior needs time to reflect, nurture and reboot to be their most powerful. Allow the beauty of nature to help open your eyes, ears and heart to revitalize your soul and body.

Get Aligned

Self-Love is a workout. Align yourself with the healing power and tribal energy of women and  gathering to pray, join in ceremony and rejoice in our feminine and masculine energies – the Goddess Warrior.

Get Ready For A Spiritual Awakening & Adventure!

  • Explore the Amazing Sunsets and Sunrises of New Mexico’s Landscapes and Healing Land
  • Organic & Healthy Meals
  • Hiking & Morning Rituals
  • 4 Body Fit™ Yoga Therapy
  • Cooking Class, Native Cuisine History
  • Build a Native American Sweatlodge
  • Sweatlodge Ceremony
On your free time, you can also horseback ride, soak in the hot springs, walk the labyrinth and check out the Georga O’Keeffe museum on the grounds.

Designed for women and men of all fitness levels & ages.

Beginner Goddess Warrior:

An excellent introduction to the 4 Body Fit™ Sierra Bender Empowerment Method (“SBEM”) for women and men to workout, heal and align the 4 bodies.

Repeat Goddess Warrior:

An immersion of the 4 Body Fit™ Sierra Bender Empowerment Method (“SBEM”). It will take you to the next level. A reboot for you and your relationship.

Dr. Lois Ellen Frank

Dr. Lois Ellen Frank is a Santa Fe, New Mexico based Native American Chef, a foods historian, culinary anthropologist, James Beard Award-winning cookbook author, photographer and organic gardener. She is the owner of Red Mesa Cuisine, LLC a Native American catering company specializing in ancestral Native American cuisine with a modern twist. Dr. Frank spent over 25 years documenting the foods and life ways of Native Americans in the Southwest, which won her the James Beard Award for her cookbook entitled, Foods of the Southwest Indian Nations. Dr. Frank is an adjunct professor at the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA).

Chef Whitewater

Chef Whitewater was awarded the James Lewis Award and was the first Native American chef ever to receive this award in the culinary and hospitality industry. During Chef Whitewater’s professional cooking experiences, he has remained active in many of his Navajo traditional ways at his home in Pinon, Arizona returning each year for ceremonial obligations. Presently, Whitewater teaches cooking classes, at the Santa Fe School of Cooking, on Native American Foods of the Southwest with chef Lois Ellen Frank, Ph.D. (Kiowa). Their cooking classes feature recipes from the James Beard Award-winning cookbook, Foods of the Southwest Indian Nations, Ten Speed Press.

Learn 4 Body Fit™ Indigenous Wisdom

New Dates To Be Posted For 2021
Santa Fe, New Mexico

You Are Not Alone. A Spiritual Community & Tribe Supports You To Do Your Work.


Throughout Your Action Packed Weekend, You Will Learn To:



  • Stop, Look, Listen and Feel. Get grounded and in alignment with the power of nature and her creatures.

  • Build and experience a Native American sweat lodge ceremony to purify and heal your body and soul.

  • Prepare Native American ancestral foods “The Magic Eight”. Prevent, treat and heal with native herbs and food.

  • Be creative, sensual and playful with cooking a tribal meal.



  • Invite the healing powers of nature and her creatures into your life to heal.

  • Learn how to speak the language of the intelligence of love with yourself, others and Mother Earth’s creatures.

  • Flow with with universal beat of nature. Identify and receive the gifts of your power animals and spirits.

  • Let go of what is no longer of service to you. Trust the universe has your back.



  • Balance the 4 bodies- the spiritual and physical, emotional and intellectual and ethereal and practical.

  • Weave these forces together, like a beautifully woven tapestry, in your everyday life’s practice.

  • Let go of fear and control. Stillness and silence are learned activities.

  • Release serotonin in your brain naturally. Be focused and positive, act not react.



  • Utilize the power of prayer and ritual in relationship with yourself, partner, nature and world.

  • Apply Native American traditions to purify and connect down to the core of your DNA.

  • Strengthen and trust your intuition and instincts.

  • Connect to the super power of gratitude.

  • Connect to spirit and healing power of the medicine wheel.

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Learn 4 Body Fit™ Indigenous Wisdom

New Dates To Be Posted For 2021
Santa Fe, New Mexico