Sierra Bender speaks with distinguished guests (Donna Noce President White House/ Black Market, Dr. Caroline Cederquist, Dr. Kamella Patton, Dr. Rebecca Lambert, Dr. Michon Floreani, Lindsey Davis) at Goddess Night hosted by Naples Art Association at von Liebig Art Center 2014 to raise money for art educational programs. Sold Out

“Sierra Bender can only be described as a force of nature, her words and presence lights up the room. Often, I have reflected on your life story and how you found not just a way to forgive, but in that act of forgiveness a vehicle through which to share such grace and loving kindness with the world. And all from a place of power, a woman’s power, strong and true.” — Wade Davis, explorer-in-residence, National Geographic Society and best-selling author of One River and The Serpent and the Rainbow

For over 25 years Sierra has worked with women and girls of all ages. Sierra pushes the boundaries of women’s empowerment and the feminist movement to a self-love movement. Sierra’s dedication to her work is rooted in the deep lack of empowerment in women and girls today. The opposite of empowerment is to be victimized, self-loathing, self-critical, and egocentric. Sometimes it is easier to define empowerment by witnessing its absence. Read more here

“Empowerment is not just conceptual but embodiment.“ – Sierra Bender


Sierra Bender, Inc. can help your organization prosper by creating change and being a larger part of women and girls empowerment personally and professionally. All of Sierra’s work utilizes the Sierra Bender Method for Personal & Professional Empowerment (SBM) a clinically proven and measured system by the Department of Psychology at American University, Washington D.C.

The ‘SBM’ has helped millions of women and girls around the world become empowered to heal their minds and bodies, dismiss unhealthy relationships, establish boundaries with partners and/or co-workers, build confidence in the workplace, rid themselves of addictions, heal the after effects of physical, mental, domestic abuse and violence.


  • Corporations
  • Medical Institutions & Holistic Centers
  • Universities and Schools
  • Abuse Centers and Shelters
  • Rehab Centers
  • Retreats & Spas
  • Country Clubs
  • Athletes
  • Women & Girls Organizations
  • Men’s Organizations
  • Charities

To learn more about Sierra’s keynote topics, events client list, rates and availability, please email or call 1-888-794-3330.


“You are one of the most interesting people I have ever met and I appreciate your special gift of giving to those less fortunate.
Thank you again for raising $24,000.00 with your program Boot Camp for Goddesses® to help fight cystic fibrosis.”— Laura Heatherly, Director of Marketing Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

“Sierra is a staunch and passionate advocate for women’s individual empowerment. She has lived through and triumphed over many of the issues that affect women today, and is a role model for those who want to embrace their challenges with strength and compassion. — Denise Barack, Director of Program Development, Kripalu Center

“On behalf of the entire Country in the Rockies Board and all our participants. We want to thank you for your continued support of our program. 
Your program last year was one of the highlights. It definitely added to the OVERALL ENJOYMENT of our guests, staff and celebrities in so many ways. 
We are delighted you will be joining us again next year. Many of our guests are already working it into their schedule.” — Francis Preston, President BMI — CMT (Country Music Television)

“You rock! I thought one of the most powerful aspects of the evening was for all the women to just get your ‘transmission’ – hear, feel and see a real live woman being so bold, authentically autonomous, owning herself. This in itself was ‘priceless’. I got some wonderful feedback right away – a lot of appreciation expressed about having you there…so THANK YOU! — Maia Conty, Director Women’s Finance Series American Institute of Economic Research AIER

“Considering the fact that most of the group was skeptical at first, I think these results speak very highly of your program and the way to deal with type A personalities, as most of us are in the group. Stress levels are always high for those in leadership roles, but especially today with the economy so troubled. I wanted you to know that this is one group on whom you left an incredible mark.”
– Frances Preston, BMI Broadcast Music, Inc., President, Chief Executive Director