Goddess WarriorTour Peru has empowered women for over a decade. It is a spiritual gathering and pilgrimage for women who wish to awaken, ignite and unite their true feminine essence through initiation, prayer and women’s traditional healing. It is a rite of passage, an inner quest, and outdoor adventure that connects women to the sacred land and ancient wisdom where the Goddess was once revered.



The Path of the Amazon Priestess is the path of initiation, which reveals the mysteries of the high priestess’ ancient knowledge. The Inca Trail is a place where answers are found and your spiritual gifts are awakened. There are many ancient temples along our journey. Each temple carries its own healing medicine and is the spiritual keeper of many gifts. You will be challenged and tested on all levels according to what personal lessons are to be learned, to bring forth your power and purpose. It will be an unforgettable transformation and purification.

Our 2 week journey will start off with a night in Lima and off to the city of Cusco, an historic site of Peru. We will then head towards Pizac, a quaint town in the Sacred Valley. We will prepare for our sacred journey with a ceremony lead by Q’ero Shamans. During our journey, we will be visiting ancient temples, doing rituals and ceremonies, and connecting to the ancient wisdom and spirits of the Andean mountains which will challenge, treat and heal us. This integration will bring us into alignment with the strength and grace of the fiercest warriors of their time, the Amazon women. The Incas protected the Amazon warriors and respected their ways and wisdom. They were masters at healing themselves by their Ancient Mother, Pachamama also known as Mother Earth. We will be doing a daily ceremony at each sacred temple to help us go deeper into our own personal healing. We will hike the Inca Trail for 3 nights and 4 days and ends when we arrive in Machu Picchu, considered to be the “8th wonder of the world”. We will rest, shop, soak in hot tubs, eat fabulous food and also climb the highest peak of Machu Picchu, Wayna Picchu. After climbing to our true potential and reaching the top of our journey we will rejoice in a closing ceremony. Completing our quest, we will return back to Lima and head home with a new attitude and outlook towards life.


Join us for a spiritual adventure starting in Cuzco, Peru. We’ll acclimate, explore local ruins and tour the “Sacred Valley of the Incas.” Afterwards, we’ll trek to Machu Picchu, an indescribable sight of early Incan architecture and ingenuity. We will perform ceremonies at different sites following the path of the ancient Priestesses.

  • Local Shamans will perform private ceremonies with our group.
  • A full day at Machu Picchu to explore and sightsee.
  • Local guides and experts will supplement our own staff to lend insight into the culture and the history of the area
  • Horses will transport a large part of your gear during the trekking portion of our trip, to make the hike more enjoyable
  • A cook staff accompanies the trek.
  • Ample time to comfortably acclimatize to the higher altitude.


Fitness: Most days hiking the Inca Trail requires 4-8 hours of effort, with the bulk of our gear carried by horses. Because of the hiking portion of this trip and the general high altitude of the area (10-13,000 feet), we recommend that all participants engage in a physical training program for several months prior to trip departure. All participants must consult with their family physician regarding their personal health and the additional demands of high altitude well in advance of the trip.

Experience: Participants should have solid day hiking experience. Overnight backpacking or trekking experience is helpful. High altitude experience is also beneficial, to confirm that your body can reasonably tolerate visits to 10,000 feet and higher.

You are on a Spirit Quest and will be challenged on all levels.This journey is not a workshop or retreat but a challenge and opportunity to grow, learn, love and evolve at your own pace. You have all the tools and knowledge to move forward. It is time to put them to the test.It will be a life time experience you will never forget.


Due to the intensity of this journey, there will be a maximum of 15 women who can participate.

PREREQUISITE: Must have completed one of the following:
*Boot Camp for Goddesses® Level 1, Goddesses Gone Wild™ Goddess to the Core, Goddess Up! or SBEM 4 Body Fit Yoga Therapist & Empowerment Coach Certification

Profound Praise

The 4 Body Fit™ Sierra Bender Empowerment Method (“SBEM”) Effectiveness in Action.

I went on this trip with the excitement of training for the physical challenge (hiking that is). Of course, I was equally intrigued by the culture and the landscape beauty of what was now the 7th Wonder of the World. I had no expectations of the outcome – just simply looking forward to a vacation with a friend and a great adventure!

Instead, what I re-discovered on this journey was my inner self/inner soul. The adrenaline that your body produces to get your physical body up every day (altitude), moving every day and through the Inca Trail opens up the lost woman inside you. You feel sensations long subdued, lost or misplaced.

A woman’s life, as in my case, encounters all sorts of obstacles that draws you away from Mother Earth/Mother Nature/your inner self. As you become ‘civilized’ and absorb the “proper way to act” or become “part of corporate America”, your core self doesn’t flow naturally and intuition isn’t listened to any longer.

The Inca Trail is a door/vortex that aids your natural self/intuition to show itself; allows you to sense/feel it. You hear the water, you feel the mountains, sense your bodies heartbeat/deep breaths/muscle aches and pains/feel hunger and thirst…..all while holding spirit in each and every step (because you feel spirit push you over that mountaintop). It turned into not only a physical challenge but a personal accomplishment. The trail will absorb from your body addictions, insecurities, imbalances, abuse, negativity that one might be carrying around with them. I for one can attest to that! I jokingly said to my fellow goddesses – if anyone is trying to quit smoking/lose weight – do the Inca Trail!! Being with fellow goddesses was the icing on the cake – loving support of women makes milestones such as this even more significant.

It’s a beautiful journey coupled with the greatest pride not only to say, “I survived the Inca Trail”…..but also to have your soul back!

—Alice M. Lazore, Director, Wyndham Resorts

I felt the magic and it continues. People say I’m calmer than before I left. I can tell you one thing for sure – the grief of my divorce is over. I left it all on the mountains, on that long walk, one step at a time. As I shared with my Peru sisters in our dining tent one evening, I’d never been so focused IN THE MOMENT, as I was on that walk. I had to think of nothing else but where to put my foot next on the slippery rocks. I hummed our goddess songs as I struggled to breathe, my heart pounding, waling up the steep slopes — and all the time asking the mountain to sustain me and take all my grief and pain away. And it did!

I went to Peru to find out if I had the strength to live the rest of my life after my divorce and loss of my husband, home, identity. I went to Peru to figure out who I am now. And now I know – I am one tough cookie with the WILL to do something I could not really do physically. Nothing in my life (outside of childbirth) has been so hard, nor so rewarding.

I feel so confident in my abilities now. I feel so confident that spirit will sustain me – and I can stop worrying about my future. I feel so blessed to have shared that time with such exceptional, strong, brave and compassionate women. I no longer feel sorry for myself because of my new situation in life. I feel proud, and strong, and special. I am so very happy you encouraged me to go when fear almost made me cancel! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Now that I look back, I am reminded of the saying “Life’s a journey, not a destination” as the work I did climbing that mountain was much more important than reaching the pass. Soon we were on a two to three hour hike down the rocky path to our third campground and I felt like I could do anything! I was empowered by the mountain and the special group of women.

It was amazing how much everyone supported one another with graciousness and selflessness. I felt that I had experience true abundance and had learnt a lesson in gratitude. I had everything I could possibly want or need at all times and more to share. Even now, I feel that sense of wholeness and oneness that I achieved on those sacred mountains. There was always someone offering something and making sure we were all okay.

We connected to our Mother Earth and the Apus the way the Incas and the Andean people connect to their land through their way of life and the traditional Andean ways. I feel that I left something on the mountain but gained in much more in many other ways. A trip to this magical land and learning about the Andean people’s spirituality will change you forever and has the potential to change the World as we know it. The energy of the land is amazing and magical and it will call you back!

—Jennifer Williams

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APRIL 18- MAY 1, 2020- PERU



PREREQUISITE: Must have completed one of the following:

* Boot Camp for Goddesses® Level 1, Goddesses Gone Wild™ Goddess to the Core, Goddess Up! or SBEM 4 Body Fit Yoga Therapist & Empowerment Coach Certification