Goddess in the Bedroom® 2 Series Online Experiential LIVE Workshop

Get Your Goddess On Flowing & Glowing! Ages 18 & Over

Within every woman there is a Goddess waiting to be awakened. This Goddess is worthy of LOVE and all the sexual, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual PLEASURES of life.  Sierra Bender, author of Goddess to the Core® designed an online 2 series workshop to teach you the tools required to tap in and turn on the magic, mystery, and eroticism of the Goddess in the Bedroom.

February 13 & March 13, 2021 * 9:30am – 3:30 pm Eastern Time

2 Sessions  $240.00 


13 Levels of Empowerment for Women Warriors On Line Training

13 Weeks. Enroll Anytime. Every Week A Level Is Released

Module 1: Personal Training  A 13 week self-study experiential intensive training utilizing the clinically proven 4 Body Fit™ Method.  Study at home with Sierra as your own personal empowerment coach. She will help you to truly break free from the social and emotional conditioning to become aligned with your feminine, fierce and focused self – Woman Warrior. Each session is between 40-60 minutes. Get Aligned!

13 weeks  $599.00 Covid Special 


13 Levels of Empowerment Certification On Line Training

Professional Certification 

Learn to lead the 13 Levels of Empowerment utilizing the clinically proven 4 Body Fit™ Sierra Bender Empowerment Method to empower females. Sierra designed these intensive training for health-care practitioners, yoga instructors, healers, educators, social workers, therapists, counselors, and other professionals wishing to add a powerful, proven set of healing principles and leadership practices to their existing work.

$1,300.00  Pre-Requisite: 13 Levels of Empowerment for Women Warriors

Application Only Call 646-725-7593 for more information


Goddess Warrior™ Sacred Tour

April 18- May 1, 2021

SOLD OUT SINCE 2004 Pachamama is calling YOU! Let her inspire and lift you to new heights in your life. Explore the power of self-healing and the healer in you with the shamans and sages of Peru. Possess the Possible!

Machu Pichhu • Inka Trail Trekking • Rainbow Mountain • Peru

Goddess Up! $4750.00  *2 Spots Left *


4 Body Fit™ Method Certification

Module 1: New date to be posted

A two-part 100 hour in-depth training of the clinically proven 4 Body Fit™ Sierra Bender Empowerment Method ‘SBEM’. Learn the psychology and physiology  of the 4 Body Fit™ Method in healing trauma down to the DNA. The 4 Body Fit Method is backed by American University, DC, Harvard Law and University of Puerto Rico.

Module 1: 60 Hour Training On Line

Module 2: 40 Hour Training On Site (location to be determined for 2021)

Certification: $2500.00

Woman with Blanket

4 Body Fit™ BootCamp

Summer of 2021  Blacktail Ranch, Montana

It is an outdoor adventure that leads you on a journey inward. You will learn to rejuvenate and sculpt the body, strengthen your immune system, halt the aging process, clear the mind, energize the spirit, burn fat, and enhance your level of physical fitness and beauty inside and out.  

A week retreat 6 nights / 7 days

$2500.00 – $3500 All Inclusive (meals, lodging, airport transportation)

Spiritual Quest - Photo of woman in laying in mud

Power of Prayer & Purification Thru Food, Song and Ceremony

Fall of 2021  Santa Fe, New Mexico

4 Body Fit™ Indigenous Wisdom. A Detox & 4 Body Fit™ Workout From the Inside Out. Learn the power of prayer and ritual in relationship with yourself, partner, nature and world. Apply Native American traditions to purify and connect down to the core of your DNA.

Long weekend 4 nights / 5 days

$1500.00 -$2000 All Inclusive (lodging, meals)