For over 30 years Sierra has worked with women and girls of all ages. Sierra’s gift is bringing women together to unite and ignite the fire of passion, power and purpose in their hearts and core beings. In this setting, women realize they have found support, validation, and inspiration. Through real and raw experiences, they have found their tribe, sisterhood and Goddess self. Now, you no longer have to wait to visit Sierra in a center. She will come to you and help create your own Goddess Tribe by uniting the women of your community.

Sierra is famously known for her Goddess mantras including; “Watch out boys, the Goddess has arrived. You had your turn, now move over. I’m not asking, I’m telling you! Goddess Up!®” The aim of Sierra’s work is to empower women to claim their space in the world, face their fears, awaken their female spirit and take control of their destiny without sacrificing their femininity or being an imitation man. She approached her own personal quest with equal parts wisdom and defiance. By the end, she had absorbed not just the collective teachings of the world’s sages, but had also tapped into her female essence, her inner Goddess— an innate and powerful entity directly at odds with the popular notion that success for a woman means walking in a man’s shoes.

Sierra shows women how to do the same. By harnessing the power of the Goddess, she helps women face their fears, question the unknown, surrender to what no longer serves them and give themselves permission to be free. By doing these acts of self-love, they draw money, health, wealth, success and beauty to them. The key is choosing wisely, not settling and knowing your worth, so you can put your head on the pillow without stressing and awake with everyday passion, power and purpose.

The Goddess experience—as led by Sierra—gives women an emotional enema. It lights a fire in their bellies, hearts and yonis. The freedom it creates brings them pleasure like they’ve never experienced—one big orgasm with Life itself. If you have read this far, watch out–the Goddess has arrived to rock your world. Goddess Up!®

You can work with Sierra in her live workshops and events around the country and world, training programs, and soon-to-launch Goddess University, an online educational space for women and girls to be centered in their core of femininity, self- worth and value.



  • Creating your Goddess Tribe & Community.
  • No more waiting, if there is an opportunity Sierra will appear.
  • The ability to manifest a workshop or event in short period of time.
  • The value of having Sierra in your comfort-zone, saving time, money and energy.
  • Sierra makes it affordable, reachable, doable and practical for all women.
  • Supporting the women of your community, who cannot afford to participate, but need your help.
  • Proving one person can make a difference.

    Gather 30 Goddesses or more for an exhilarating and life-altering weekend workshop (Goddess to the Core®, Goddess Up!®, Goddess in the Bedroom® or Day of Empowerment). Sierra and her associates will help ignite and unite the women in your area to create a Goddess Tribe in your community.

    As Goddess Tribe leader, hostess and manager of the event, you will be gifted a percentage for your time and energy.


  • Individual – workshops, retreats, and books.
  • Organizational – empowerment, entrepreneurship, leadership workshops and seminars; for companies and universities.
  • Societal – teaching thousands of women a year to lead their families, companies, and communities; also effecting women’s rights at the government level.
  • Worldwide – reaching women around the world from the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, Mexico, South America to Costa Rica; featured in media including Oprah Radio, CBS, Univision, USA Today, Marie Claire, Shape, Whole Living, Yoga Journal, Fit Yoga, Yoga International, and Natural Awakenings. In addition to online initiatives including Goddess University.

    And you too can now be a part of the Global Female Empowerment ™ (G.F.E) and the opportunity to increase and expand your personal well-being, while finding clarity and comfort in dealing with the past and future.



    “I consciously draw inspiration from Sierra every single day– the wisdom I have gained from her is what I wish for all women. To learn to love and appreciate the divine feminine Goddess energy that exists within each of us; to reclaim it, to trust it, to trust ourselves and reconnect to our own intuitive power. I never had to be convinced by Sierra — from the moment we met, I knew I was in the presence of a true Goddess, one who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. I am blessed to walk the walk with her on this enlightening journey toward a new Female Empowerment.” – Diane Rosenfeld, Harvard Law Professor, Host of Day of Empowerment

    “I have hosted 5 Goddess events, after Sierra’s 1st Goddess to the Core® Workshop, I had all 100 Women Hug Me Crying on the last day, thanking me for brining Sierra and for giving them their LIVES BACK. Every workshop after that, kept getting stronger, and the women could not believe the strength they had and the relief they felt. She taught us how to take the blinders off our eyes and that our True Femine power lies within each of us and how to find it deep within ourselves. Sure we have the strength in us, but Sierra teaches how to access that power and chase away all the fears. She gives you faith and hope and tools to take home, so you can look forward to your Future. TO SOME UP A WORKSHOP WITH SIERRA BENDER, WOULD BE FREEDOM AND PEACE WITH YOUR SELF.” – Sherry Ruskowsky, Goddess Hostess, Canada