Unleash Your Inner Goddess! Boot Camp for Goddesses® is an inspiring week retreat where women of all backgrounds leave behind life’s demands and expectations and return to their true Goddess nature. It ignites the fire in women’s hearts, core and yoni’s to lead their life with power, passion and purpose. This empowering life altering experience pulls forth your core female power, courage, strength, inner beauty and develops self-love. Self-Love is Self-Empowerment.

“Empowerment is not just about learning new skills it’s about embodying them.” says Sierra Bender


Nestled deep inside the stunning, natural beauty of the great outdoors you’ll find a safe haven to explore and embrace your truth. You’ll find your joy, strength, grace, wholeness, and perhaps a few tears. Most of all, you’ll relax into that sacred place inside you where everything is still, questions are asked, and answers are found: the place of self-love. You will learn to rejuvenate and sculpt the body, strengthen your immune system, halt the aging process, clear the mind, energize the spirit, burn fat, and enhance your level of physical fitness and beauty inside and out. Boot Camp for Goddesses® teaches you to live your life empowered.


Boot Camp for Goddesses® fully utilizes the Sierra Bender Method for Personal & Professional Empowerment (‘SBM’). As a result of implementing the ‘SBM’, a new vital personal core power is developed and revealed.


The Sierra Bender Method for Personal & Professional Empowerment (‘SBM’) is a unique multimodal approach teaching self-realization, self-empowerment and self-love. The ‘SBM’ works to break the cycle of stress and disempowerment and the psychologies of trauma, addiction and sexual abuse leading to emotional intelligence, positive psychology and holistic health. The ‘SBM’, utilizes the 4 Body Fit™ system as outlined in Sierra’s Amazon 5 Star Rated book. Goddess to the Core®. A physical, emotional, mental and spiritual integrated approach to self -empowerment which is a clinically proven and measured system by the Department of Psychology at American University Washington D.C. since 2010 and published for its remarkable results.

The ‘SBM’ synthesizes the disciplines of modern medicine, science, indigenous wisdom, holistic health, exercise physiology, quantum physics, nutrition, and yoga therapy.


Immerse yourself in hiking, yoga, fitness, detoxification, meditation, breath work, aromatherapy, energy healing, African drumming, dancing, a Native fire ceremony, and the Goddess to the Core® Inside Out Workout™ (including weight training, yoga, exercise bands) as well as discussions on women’s health, nutrition, and healing. You will be surrounded by the greatest Goddess of all – our most powerful feminine energy – Mother Nature.


  • Discover your four levels of holistic total fitness and health.
  • Ignite your core strength for healing and empowerment.
  • Take command of your space, mind, body, spirit, and emotions.
  • Release pent-up emotions and sweat stress away eliminating unhealthy thought patterns and beliefs, and have fun doing it.
  • Explore your inherent female traits of mystery, magic, balance, wisdom, and inner beauty.
  • Learn to hear, trust, and follow your intuition and body intelligence.
  • Honor the balance that exists between being and doing.
  • Learn a new discipline of strength—the strength to let go.
  • Explore what it means to meet your needs and strive for your own goals.
  • Be motivated by the Goddess to the Core® Inside Out Workout™ to Love your body not punish it and effectively reach your fitness goals.
  • Utilize indigenous practices and holistic wisdom to connect deeper to the eternal vitality and healing force of the earth and the source of Love.
  • Revitalize your sensual and sexual nature and radiate a luminous glow of beauty-inside and out.

    *This workshop attracts women of all fitness levels & ages 35-60. Younger and Wiser Goddesses are always welcomed.

    **CE credits available


    You have to take the first step; you have to take action. Taking action is your responsibility. Taking control of your own destiny is the most powerful form of healing and empowerment. This is self-love, the most powerful energy in the universe. Love is not just an emotion. Love also needs action. Boot Camp for Goddesses® Level 1: The Awakening is your resource for turning your love into action.

    Boot Camp for Goddesses® Level 1

    “Women pull forth their hidden power, beauty and self-worth. They learn to give themselves permission to take the reigns and LEAD THEIR LIFE fearlessly. They break free from what they have been conditioned to do by identifying traits that historically have disempowered women. In this new found freedom they create new businesses, ask for raises, leave unhealthy relationships, renew their relationships by falling in love again, set boundaries and know their worth. They learn the basic rule of Goddess Empowerment. The difference between a Goddess and a Princess is…The Goddess Saves Herself. THE END.” — Sierra Bender


    Sierra Bender Empowerment Method® (‘SBEM”) Testimonial 1

    Sierra Bender Empowerment Method® (‘SBEM”) Testimonial 2

    Boot Camp for Goddesses® Level 1: The Awakening

    Boot Camp for Goddesses® Maui, HI

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    March 24-29, 2019 • Maui, Hawaii



    “I came to the conclusion that you could potentially change the nature of psychotherapy. As a psychotherapist I was quick to realize that your workshop, in 5 days, had the capacity to cut through 20 years of therapy. I am jumping on board.”—Elisabeth Traphagen, Psychotherapist

    “The boot camp is all about what’s right with you, not what’s wrong with you. Quite simply, it was an oasis of calm and restoration in an otherwise crazy and draining world. “—Beverly Keel, contributor for People magazine

    “Recently, I spent a week in the high mountains of Colorado in the presence of a true Goddess, Sierra Bender. This beautiful, spiritual, gifted and classy person led a group of successful women on a sojourn into the very essence of their beings. Sierra challenged them, taught them, inspired them, and finally, gave them wings. Watching her carefully peel away the many self-constructed emotional barriers protecting these urbane women was especially amazing. Under Sierra’s masterful hand, their souls were soon basking together in harmony under the warm, mountain sun. I have filmed and traveled all over the world and have never experienced such bonding and shared passion among strangers. Sierra’s magical retreat, her Boot Camp for Goddesses®, is unique. She is a Goddess of love and inner peace.”—John Barrett -Producer & Writer ESPN

    “Sierra helped me to regain my power and learn to stand in my truth. Her energy is indescribable, but I’ll try. It’s kind of like eating chocolate while shopping and having an orgasm all at the same time! She is the most extraordinary woman I have ever met. I am finally on the journey I have been meant to take all my life.”—Tonya Leedy-Paetz

    “I had an amazing experience. I’ve already told my girlfriends that they must do this. And already Boot Camp for Goddesses is helping my marriage more than all the self-help books and couples’ workshops we have done! So, thank you. What you have created is truly unique and special and so rich with gifts.”—Debbie B.

    “I spent many years not living an authentic life, and after a breast cancer diagnosis in 2006 I began a new path to wellness and spirituality thanks to Boot Camp. It put me back in touch with my body and breath, myself, and my truth. I will never forget it.”—Karen Yaeger

    “For the first time in 39 years I am going to bed and sleeping without the aid of anything external. It is the greatest gift I could have ever been given. The SBM tools really work!”—Joyce I. Martin, Professor

    “When I arrived Boot Camp, heartbroken, confused, and unhappy with my marriage and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Boot Camp was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I was so blessed to have had the opportunity to be in a safe environment where I could heal my spirit, mind, heart, and body. With the help of Sierra I was able to surrender, heal and let go of the “Issues in my Tissues”, as Sierra explains. It was miracle the Rheumatoid Arthritis was gone, I was able to straighten out my back, stretch my fingers and toes; it had been so long since I had seen them this way. I claimed my healing and will continue to use all the tools to stay this way. I feel amazing, so empowered and beautiful!!”—Dawnielle Balli – Chicago, IL

    “Goddess to the Core? What does that mean? That was my thought when I first got to Boot Camp for Goddesses®. Core is my center, my foundation. What was I made of? I forgot my essence, my spirit, my real being. I know I am on this earth for a reason. But I was stuck in helping others fulfill their dreams, caring for others, guiding others and absorbing other’s energy. At Boot Camp, I learned how to reinvent myself, how to accept my divine gifts, how to develop my intuition, how to heal myself, to restore my core, to awaken and ignite my inner strength… my feminine essence. Sierra, you are the channel of energy that is there to awaken us to conquer our own destiny and to help us remember, heal and feel what we had forgotten. Thanks for reminding me that I am a Goddess. This was a journey that I will never forget.” I love you and honor you.”—Jamary Torres, Puerto Rico

    “Over the past seven years, I have dealt with an extremely toxic person in my work situation. Upon returning from boot camp, I terminated her employment. It was a fairly nasty parting of ways, but I have never been more clear, courageous, or justified in my decision. My whole staff feels liberated, light, and happy. I look back and try to assess what had changed. The answer is me. Without boot camp, I would not have had the clarity or the strength to make this difficult decision. I would have never believed in myself or my Goddess power without the forum that you put together. For this, and for so many other things that I have yet to name, and to claim, I thank you. I look forward to more discoveries. P.S. My two boys walk around saying your quote “Claim your space. It is your birthright!” :)”—Amy CEO/MOM

    “When I first heard about Sierra I was searching for ways to heal myself emotionally since nothing seemed to help. I was losing my mind, overloaded with anger and hate towards myself and towards many people (especially men). In less than a year due an illness I suffered a dramatic accident. I had lost my job, home, car, all my money, boyfriend and self esteem (I was almost physically disfigured). So, I did the two day Goddess to the Core® and in just two days I went from being a total wreck to being at peace and willing to do my work. It has been a journey of self- discovery and of trust of my intuition. My life had a total turn to the positive side. Now, at Boot camp I reaffirmed that my decision and path were correct. Sierra’s work has dramatically changed my life and the way I see things. Now is not about “why me?” but “what can I learn from this?” most of all, “how can I pass it on to other women? Help them understand that life doesn’t end when you reach bottom but instead it only begins. Amazingly as it sounds, Sierra led me to all this in just a few months. This is definitely something that any woman should do anytime in her life whether she thinks she needs her or not! I look forward for many more to do and to be able to do a teacher training someday and pay it forward.”—Camille Splain- Model & Business Women, Puerto Rico

    “I learned so much more than I expected. It was so affirming to know that what I thought was correct—I didn’t need therapy or Xanax. I simply needed a way to replenish myself. And you showed me how to do that.”—Mary P.

    “Boot Camp for Goddesses® Level 1 was one of the few things that truly exceeded my expectations – I experienced the “awakening” it was truly amazing and had a profound impact on my life. It is the BEST offering of its type that I have taken anywhere in the world.”—Christine

    “The boot camp was a priceless encounter with the soul I used to know,
    learning to love it again and committed to change that I had become. I feel
    younger, calmer, more loving… Have to say I feel more in control by
    loosing control. Thank you for such an incredible journey and the sisters. Can’t
    wait for boot camp 2.”—Angiemille Latorre

    “Something has shifted at a deep level. I thought I was done with all the crying some time ago for this life, but these new tears are a new kind—mostly tears of relief and often joy. There is so much more to heal, let go, and draw forth. I can’t even begin to thank you enough for your brilliance and courage. You have helped me begin to take back what is mine that was hidden or taken from me long ago.”—Marie Dubois

    “The boot camp was all that I expected and so much more. Upon my arrival home, I was greeted by my boyfriend with so much love and respect, and he noticed this overall clarity about me. I applaud you, as you are a very beautiful, compassionate, and brave woman. You seem to have overcome some huge hurdles, and like the rest of us, you are continually learning and yearning to better your life.”
    —Shelley M.

    “It was magical…All of my senses were awakened, and I felt connected to nature, my family, my job, and myself. Others have told me that I am more compassionate and that I possess and radiate positive energy. These feelings and a sense of commitment are still with me today. I will always be grateful to Sierra for letting me “know my truth, see my truth, speak my truth, and feel my truth.” I still begin every day with this mantra.”
    —Lori Wrench

    “My sister, daughter, and I attended Boot Camp for Goddesses together. One thing we all agreed on: some of it was work, but some of it, like dancing in the rain, was so much fun! You and your Boot Camp for Goddesses have touched my life in so many ways. It has truly been one of the most incredible experiences and it continues to be a very important part of me. I am a better person in all aspects of my life—wife, mother, daughter, friend, business partner, and stranger. Your boot camp is about a way of life. It is now my life. Thank you!”—Linda

    “After Boot Camp for Goddesses, I felt more empowered, less bewildered, with more clarity and drive. Boot Camp for Goddesses was a gift to myself that I want to give to every woman I know. So, through example, I share my lessons: let go of what no longer” —Lori F.

    “Boot Camp for Goddesses® – A beautiful gift to give to myself.
    Lessons I have learned and relearned while at Boot Camp for Goddesses® Level 1: the Awakening
    Goddesses are:
    Aware of their emotions and know how to let them go,
    Balanced with their warrior and feminine side,
    Caring and compassionate to others and also to themselves,
    Dreamers and don’t settle for the good, but always go for the greatness,
    Enduring and willing to do the hard work it takes to ride the wave,
    Flexible to shape shift when needed,
    Grounded with her feet flat and head held high to receive the energy and power from Mother Earth and God,
    Humble and secure with herself,
    Inspirational to others,
    Joyful because she has peace in her heart,
    Kind and not weak,
    Loving to themselves first,
    Mindful and distant from toxic people, refusing to engage in the drama,
    Now living their lives as Goddesses not needing to be suppressed,
    Open to continually learning and growing,
    Patient and persistent with themselves,
    Quiet and great listeners,
    Resourceful and use their intuition that guides them,
    Sensual and sexual,
    Thought provokers that help others to see the world and themselves differently,
    Unconditional with their love,
    Vivacious yet graceful when the situation requires,
    Worldwide and the sisterhood is strong,
    X-traordinary in their power,
    Young and old – age doesn’t matter, and
    Zesting with life, love, and passion in all that they do!
    Thank you Sierra for all that you do for women!”
    —Lori Teragawachi