Center. Align. Detox.

An Outdoor Adventure & Inner Vision Quest

I have lost 30 pounds and haven’t touched alcohol. I went to Segenal Africa and living my medicine. I am a Goddess Warrior and here to serve as a healer!”  Yolaine 


Live Empowered and Possess the Possible!


Get Centered!

You will relax into that sacred place inside you where everything is still, questions are asked, and answers are found: the place of self-love. Rejuvenate your body, strengthen your immune system, halt the aging process, clear the mind, energize the spirit, burn fat, and enhance your level of physical fitness and beauty.

Get Aligned!

It is an outdoor adventure that leads you on a journey inward. This journey is gentle and powerful, emotional and intellectual, peaceful and fierce. The most powerful Goddess of all – Mother Nature – will be our guide. She will provide as many luxuries as challenges.              You Need This!

Detox Your 4 Bodies

A high spirited women’s workshop of laughter, tears and sweat. Women of all backgrounds leave behind life’s demands and expectations and return to their true Goddess nature. This empowering life altering experience pulls forth your core female power, courage, strength, inner beauty and develops self-love. You Want This! 

Get Wild, Free & Focused!

New Dates to Be Posted for Summer of 2021
Blacktail Ranch, Wolf Creek, Montana

You are a Wild Wanderer. Radical Spirit!

Let the Power of Nature Heal You


  • 3 Organic meals a day
  • Nutritional plan to detox and enhance your vitality
  • Hiking to various Native American historic sites
  • Medicine wheel ceremony
  • Solstice circle ritual
  • Explore a cave, dates back to 6 thousands years old
  • 4 Body Fit™ Yoga Therapy
  • 4 Body Fit™ Inside Out Workout  (yoga, fitness & weight training)
  • Sweat lodge ceremony
  • One day vision quest
  • Archery
  • Aromatherapy, Beauty tricks & tips
  • Horseback Riding
  • Massage and energetic healing

 Designed for women of all fitness levels & ages.

Experience Wild Empowerment, Real & Raw


From Sunrise to Sunset This Week You Will:



  1. Enjoy the expansiveness of Mother Nature and the mountain air through a mix of challenging and meditative silent hikes.

  2. Practice the Goddess to the Core® Inside Out Workout to maintain your power inside and out.

  3. Awaken to the beauty of the morning sun, deer grazing, and eagles soaring while practicing yoga.

  4. Learn how food plays a large part of your overall well being by eating foods that stabilize your moods, feeds you energy, keeps your mind sharp and enhances your sexuality.



  • Relax and revel in the great outdoors while receiving your massage.

  • Discover what you are really hungry for while practicing the discipline of fasting for an entire day in meditative silence (fasting optional).

  • Build leadership skills, confidence, self- efficiency, communication, trust, social skills and boundaries with Equine Therapy followed by horseback riding in the beautiful mountains.

  • Practice Crystal Therapy to heal yourself and others. Tools to cleanse your energy, office and home.



  • Practice  archery to help focus your intentions and power.

  • Learn the power of stillness and silence.

  • Learn how to trust your intuition and be brave enough to follow it.

  • Hear the call of your Medicine, your God given gift and purpose to share with the world.

  • Create a Vision Quest Board to give birth to your dreams, your new life personally and professionally.

  • Explore the ancient knowledge and power of the Native American medicine wheel.



  • Experience an ancient rite of passage one-day vision quest — a means to find spiritual guidance and understand one’s life purpose.

  • Purify and cleanse your body, mind and spirit through the power of an ancient practice of prayer, healing and detoxification— sweat lodge ceremony.

  • Tour the ancient spiritual archeology sites of the Native Americans on Blacktail Ranch. (Cave, ruins, burial grounds, medicine wheel, eagle catching, sundial, solstice sacred site.)

  • Get connected. Learn the power of prayer and ritual.

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Get Wild, Free & Focused!

New Dates to Be Posted for Summer of 2021
Blacktail Ranch, Wolf Creek, Montana